Ruger 10/22 Takedown Fun But Can It Be Accurate

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The Mission: Budget, Fun, Accuracy

I received an email asking what type of accuracy can you expect from a budget rifle. Initially I did not reply because honestly I was not sure. The reason I was not sure is because every time I look for a budget 22. I am looking for fun and a Bucket O Bullets 1500 rounds to go along with it for plinking purposes. As the days passed it really bothered me that I had not responded to the email which also lead me to think, can budget, fun and accuracy all be used in the same sentence. 

If my son were telling you this story, to accomplish this mission I went to the safe and got the most fun accurate rifle made and assembled by him that we own.

Zenmaster’s Rifle

My son loves to refer to himself as the Zenmaster while out on the range. I am not sure where this came from. I was for sure it was from some alternative universe like the Land of Asguard, land of the Gods. Until he told me one day I would never shoot as well as him until I got my Zen right on the range. I found that very funny but I didn’t dare tell him OH OK now I know what Zenmaster means but I digress. Let’s just say in his head with him behind his rifle he could out shoot anyone. Well today I try to master my Zen with his Ruger 10/22 Takedown. 

  • Stock Aftermarket Thumbhole Laminate
  • Front Sight Gold Bead
  • Rear Sight Adjustable Flip
  • Barrel Material Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Feature Threaded
  • Thread Pattern 1/2×28
  • Capacity10
  • Twist1:16″ RH
  • Overall Length 43
  • Barrel Length18.50″
  • Weight 5.6 lb.
  • Grooves 6

Scope Hawke Vantage SF

Originally there was a Nikon 3-9 rimfire scope but my son anted a little more glass. I didn’t just run out and by top of the line glass for him, this is where responsibility get’s taught. He worked, did chores and earned enough for a used Hawk Vantage SF 4-16×44. The scope has positive click turrets, 1inch tube, 1/4MOA click value, 3.5in eye relief and is very clear. We both were shocked by it’s clarity. Though I notice the eye box is very tight. Any slight deviation away from looking through the scope dead center things become a little blurry. It will remain in focus but blurry or maybe cloudy is the right word, for some reason doesn’t seem to be as much light coming thru at the edges.

Range Trip Results

Spoiler alert: Budget, Fun and Accuracy can all be had in one evening on the range with at least this Ruger 10/22 Takedown and Lapua CenterX ammunition.

I even decided to throw even more fun at it as I shot the rifle with a Gemtech GM-22 22LR suppressor attached to it. More than anything I wanted to see if the suppressor would change the point of impact or impact accuracy any. I ended up shooting three 5 round groups with and without suppressor. There seemed to be no change in point of impact but the groups did open up by an average of .400 with the suppressor mounted.


Accuracy Without Suppressor

On average with me behind the rifle shooting off a Ransom Master Series Rifle Rest I would achieve a .502in across ten 5 shot groups at 50 yards. Though I was able to catch the best group of the day on camera. No one ever would have believed this were I not able to show it.


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2 Comments on "Ruger 10/22 Takedown Fun But Can It Be Accurate"

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  1. Gene Riggins says:

    I would like to know all about you rifle rest. I saw another video of your and it had the same front rest be the rear rest look different. My brother introduced me to your videos and I think you are great.

  2. Paul says:

    .5″ at 50Y from the takedown model? That’s fabulous!

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