High Standard — The Victor 20 Year Review: High Standards Leads To Olympic Gold Medal.

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Best Guidance For Someone New To High Standards – When Searching For A High Standard

High Standard was well known for it’s quality and accuracy. Though I think some of it’s downfall was how diverse and confusing it’s portfolio was in the beginning. It was competing with the S&W model 41 on it’s release which was much easier to understand what you were getting. There was also a lot of hand crafted quality that went into The High Standards which lead to higher cost  If you enjoy Old American Firearm high quality craftsman ship but want something that can keep up in the accuracy department with today’s high speed low drag pistols I would look no further than High Standard, with one caveat. Know what features you want and look for those features ignoring the models or acquire this book to assist you.

I am not affiliated with this publication in anyway, it would help you understand and learn more about the many models of High Standard. 

Many Different Models:

Sport King, Field King, Supermatic, Olympic, Duramatic, Flite-King, Sport-King Light Weight, Flite-King Light Weight and The Victor. Going even further sub models to some versions, Supermatic Trophy, Supermatic Citation, Supermatic Tournament. Some of these models have duplicate names like Military, Military HD and numeric brands for example 101-107.

The Supermatic Trophy is the only American made Olympic Champion, though it was highly modified. Delivered by Lt. Colonel Bill McMillian who was a Captain at the time of award in 1960. It was the only Gold Medal the shooting Olympic team was able to bring home from Rome that year.

Help Needed – High Standard Confusion

The Victor seen in the picture and video below has not been to the range in 20 years and do not belong to me. This thing has been on loan for many months to me has I have searched high and low for information about it. The book states The Victor was introduced in 1972, though I emailed High Standard out of Texas with the serial number and they indicated this high standard was produced in 1965. Anyone with thoughts and ideas about this? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also if someone wants to help bring better clarity to an Olympic Champion or contribute to this writeup please contact me at mr.revolverguy at dayattherange.com and your materials can be included om the website as a place for noobs like me to go when curious about High Standard Pistols.




Additional Info About High Standards

As I learn more about the High Standard Lineup I will add that information here. 

After posting this video I have received many comments about the ammo I was using. All of this ammo was standard velocity.

Lapua CenterX = 1073fps

Sk Pistol Match = 938fps

Walnut and Steel Youtube channel was the first to comment about it. It is important to use standard velocity ammo according to Nibs. Anything greater can cause frame battering and worst yet cause the frame to crack.


Brief History Courtesy of Nibs Walnut and Steel

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