Buying Ammo Behind Enemy Lines

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This week a friend and I was trading emails back and forth mostly because he is a big tease and know that a Remington 541-S has been on my bucket list. He has an absolutely beautiful relic.


Even though he is a Navy – Squid yes I still consider him a friend.

This communication back and forth made me sad for him being such a great individual but also reminded me that our 2nd Amendment is under attack and Commifornia is leading the effort. I think it is time this State do a better job at finding the root cause to their problem, even with such strict laws gun deaths rose between 2011 and 2020 by 10% in this state. This is not a political blog so I will move forward with what really made me write this post.

Email Communication From Mr. Navy Veteran

I stress veteran having served this great nation and never being accused or charged with a crime keep that in mind.

I decided to do some testing yesterday with your loved Remington 541-S but let me tell you what it took to make this happen. I purchased 4 brands of 22LR to test.

There is a printed 8.5×11 sheet that you have to sign for each different box of ammunition you purchase. I signed 4. California must keeps track of every box of ammunition purchase in the state.  Big Brother.

Eligibility check                  $1.00

CCI Std velocity                 $14.99

Browning Pro 22                $15.95

SK pistol match                  $10.99

Sk Rifle Match                    $12.99

Sales tax 10% of the total

I hope you pay less for ammunition than we do in California.

I have seen many You Tube Videos on the accuracy of the SK ammo and thought it was time to try it.

The new batch of CCI Standard velocity shoots much better than my old box of CCI Standard Velocity.

The Browning Pro 22 chambers hard and is not very accurate.

The SK Pistol Match has flyers in the two groups shot. Still good groups

The SK Rifle Match groups all looked about the same as the attached.

I was impressed with the Sk Rifle Match 

I went back to LAX Ammunition and bought a brick of the SK Rifle Match with the same lot number.

Of course more money to see if I became a bad person overnight.

Eligibility check                    $1.00

Thanks For Sharing

My friend thank you for sharing with us and reinforcing the importance of our 2A rights.

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  1. Eric says:

    It is a shame you have to jump through so many hoops to purchase ammo and firearms out there in CA. My daughter and son in law are stationed out in San Diego as he is an active Marine. He is an avid shooter/hunter and is missing our Midwest abilities.
    I have a 541-T with a Weaver T36 which I adore except for the factory trigger. My 541 seems to really like Wolf Match and hammers with Lapua Midas Plus.

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