Anschutz 1727F RWS50 Lot Testing

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Anschutz 1727F

The Anschutz 1727F is one of the most unique rifles I have ever had the please shooting.


The 1727F is based on the Fortner straight-pull action design and showcases the very best equipment the company has to offer. The production of the F-27F is not manufactured by ANSCHÜTZ. The action itself is is machined at Peter Fortner’s small company in Rohrdorf, Germany. At this shop, the highly skilled machinists create the 1727F actions, as well as the international standard for all elite Biathlon competitors; the 1827 Biathlon rifle action.

Special Anschutz 1727F

What makes this Anschuts 1727F so special outside of the Biathlon action you ask. A quick trip over to Anschutz Americas website and you won’t find this setup anywhere. It sports the normal specs

Caliber: .22lr

System: Match 54 Fortner “Straight Pull” action repeater, 5020 two-stage trigger, satin blued receiver with blued barrel.

Weight: 7 lbs, 9 oz.

Barrel Length: 18″ Heavy-weight tapered barrel, threaded 1/2″ x 28 tpi, counter-bored crown.

Muzzle Diameter: 21mm (.826″)

Magazine Capacity: 5

Mega Case included

Extended Magazine Release

But it is outfitted with a GRS Stock and bedded by the Pro shop of Anschutz. Let me tell you I have never seen a more beautiful bedding job it is absolute amazing. Even going to get that stock from GRS you still aren’t quite there yet. This one is stamped by Anschutz on the side.


He even decided to get a few 10 round magazines to be able to compete in the Z Challenge. Now the thought of that scares me.


The Fortner Action was built for speed. With the straight back pull it reduces at minimal 2 additional steps from your traditional bolt action work, the unlocking and locking of the bolt. 

To get a rifle like this you have to call Anschutz and put in your order and that’s exactly what my brother did. While speaking with the good people at Anschutz he found out that he could greatly reduce his cost by ordering RWS R50 Ammo from Anschutz.


Directly from Anschutz Website

Lot Testing Ammunition

As many shooters know, lot testing is essential for developing the very best accuracy in a rimfire rifle.   Even with top grade ammunition, there can be a significant difference in group size as much as 0.25″ at 50 yards.  Each rifle will show a distinct preference between lots of ammunition. 

Most shooters approach this process by testing as many lots of ammunition as possible in order to maximize their chances for finding that perfect match of ammunition and rifle, but the downside is the considerable cost of this process.  This cost has made extensive lot testing unrealistic for many shooters, and thus they only test a few lots and make a selection.

Considering that we go to great lengths to bring in a very wide range in lots to test, it didn’t seem logical to make testing so expensive and prohibitive for most shooters.

To help reduce the lot testing cost to the shooter,  R-50 lot testing samples are 20% off retail price!

We are doing this not only to reduce the cost of testing, but to also encourage lot testing for other product lines.  We often have multiple lots of RWS Subsonic HP ammunition, and lot testing of these can yield some surprising results.  Same with Special Match; lot testing of this line can really impress a shooter. 


Everything Is A Competition

He and I turn everything into a competition this is no different. By the way I had no idea that any of this going on he did all of this behind my back. He couldn’t stop at just buying the rifle he went and purchased ammo for lot testing also.


Yes he purchased 10 different lots of RWS 50 also


Twist Of Fate

So in all this planning the one thing he could not plan on was getting a medical condition that he would have to go under the knife for. Then he calls me with he man you want to do some lot testing for me with a rifle. WOW and that’s how all of this comes to light. By the way as of this article he is recovering well.

Original testing show that lot’s 1, 8 and 10 seem to bring about the best accuracy


Final Testing Groups Shot At 50Yards

Group1, 8 and 10 Final Contestants

Group1 Lot#61-SFR-278 Turned in an average group size of .572.

This may not seem impressive to some but keep in mind this testing was performed in minimal windy conditions. Though we try to ring out the best accuracy possible by shooting from a Ransom Master Series Rest setup, it is outdoors and in a part of the country that ALWAYS has 8 to 12MPH winds if we are lucky often much higher. If I waited for a calm day to shoot I would probably only get 5 good days a year.

Group8 Lot#69-9FR-304 Turned in an average group size of .407


Group8 turned in the lowest groups but it also seemed to have the most consistency this seems obvious but keep reading and we will dive deeper.

*Group10 Lot#60-9FR-286 Turned in an average group size of .499in*

Group 10 seemed as if it really wanted to compete. When you watch the video you will see it would have awesome 1 hole groups going then all of a sudden a random flyer BIG FLYER. 

* Because of these wicked flyers I wanted to make sure it wasn’t me so I shot 3 groups instead of two.


Dayattherange Testing


Group4 Testing: Before The Range Fans Get Out The Pitch Forks

On the original testing I asked for suggestions just to make sure I got it right. There were a lot of comments about group #4. It was very close to group #8 turning in an average group size of .411. It had the smallest group of all with a .293 but flyer every 3rd or 4th round would open things up a bit. Still proving group #8 was more consistent. The difference with this group was the ability for me to be able to tell the difference in sound for the flyers absolutely lower velocity.


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