Dan Wesson Revolvers A Marvel Of Engineering — Please Bring Back Them Back

| November 25, 2022 | 2 Comments

After all these years of being around firearms, for the first time I got to fire a Dan Wesson revolver. These revolvers are a Holy Grail for me I even have a magazine cover laminated and preserved when the original 445 Supermag was advertised and first hit the market.

Dan Wesson has a long lineage from the 1980’s and hold many records even today in metallic shooting. Where shooters were required to knock down life sized often heavy steel targets that mimicked wild life. With increasing popularity in handgun hunting I think it is time for CZ/Dan Wesson to get back in the revolver market.

Unfortunately Dan Wesson has changed hands a number of times and are now owned by CZ. When this transaction originally took place, in my heart I had hoped CZ would resurrect the Dan Wesson revolver line. Unfortunately many years later CZ would also acquire Colt and brought back to life the Prancing Pony on some beautiful Colt revolvers. I am still not satisfied CZ I want, we want Dan Wesson revolvers back. This revolver was a marvel of engineering in the 80’s and would be the just as exhilarating today. Now I am truly unsure of CZ’s strategy after acquiring two legends in the market. So do this mean one brand was purchased for it’s 1911’s (Dan Wesson) the other brand was purchased for it’s Revolvers and AR15’s (Colt)?

I know these revolvers were complex for it’s time, someone at CZ I am sure is up to the challenge. Put Dan Wesson Revolvers back on the market for us please.

Rangefans let’s send a strong message by replying to this thread and showing your interest in Dan Wesson revolvers. Tell us your favorite Dan Wesson experience.

Can a fella dream is there a new Dan Wesson 445 Supermag in my future? I hope so but until then I guess 44 Mag will have to do.


CZ/Dan Wesson if any execs are listening NOW IS THE TIME you can apply extreme pressure with your brands Dan Wesson and Colt to others in the revolver market.

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2 Comments on "Dan Wesson Revolvers A Marvel Of Engineering — Please Bring Back Them Back"

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  1. Jeff says:

    I hereby sign the petition for CZ/Dan Wesson to inspire a revolver renaissance by ushering into production a full line of DW revolvers from 22 cal up to whatever Mr Revolver Guy wants . I quit buying revolvers after my 1982 Python. … purchased in 1982… now all I need is a reason to purchase a DW… You guys redefined 1911s, come on back and put on a show with revolvers !

  2. I am in total agreement Jeff — They can do THIS.

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