Zermatt Arms RimX: Wife vs Marine: Steak Dinner On The Line

| August 7, 2021 | 3 Comments

The wife got me a really nice 22LR said she was tired of hearing me cry about DM’s Vudoo. 


I never expected anything as nice as this, her and I both watched this online and before I could say anything she said yes see if he can build you one.

Not only did Kenny build one it made it one of a kind by putting my logo on it.

DP Gunworks


On the first free day with this thing someone (wife) wakes up first thing in the morning mouth running a mile a minute about how bad she will beat me with the new rifle. Ok game on put a steak dinner on it and let’s go.

You stay tuned because DM and I, Airforce and Marine, Vudoo vs Rimx will be coming soon.


Not only can you see the quality and craftsmanship with the naked eye but you absolutely see it on target. The wife and I wanted to see if the RimX and Douglass Barrel was as picky about ammo as every other 22 rimfire rifle. So we shot RWS50 and SKPlus down the barrel with no cleaning or seasoning of the barrel.

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3 Comments on "Zermatt Arms RimX: Wife vs Marine: Steak Dinner On The Line"

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  1. CharlieBS'er says:

    She was quiet as a mouse when you shot but you gamed her, ‘talking, talking, talking when she had the rifle. Eli…one of these days your gonna wake up with your lips sewn shut!
    She’ll be standing at the foot of the bed when you awake holding the rifle in hand saying…”Honey, let’s do another challenge?”

    I like the new rifle…my question is this…”Do you think it’s a Life Saver Machine? Accept the challenge Eli!


  2. hangfire says:

    Your bride rocks!

  3. Derek Costa says:

    Mr.Revolver Guy:

    First off I really enjoy the Youtube content you have been creating. It is great information, and entertaining. I recently decided to start a 22.LR build for PRS and decided to go with the rimX, and woox chassis. I do have one question. What ARCA rail do you have on the chassis? Is it the AREA 419 10 in? Thank you again for creating these videos. Fantastic and looking forward to the next one.

    God Bless
    Derek Costa

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