Walther Model 2 Rifle:Is it Semi-Auto or Bolt ? Have You Ever Seen One?

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Vintage Walther Model 2 Rifle.

Unique in that it functions as a bolt action and semi-auto

Length of barrel 24.5in blade frontsight insert with detachable protector tangent rear sight with windage and elevation, wanut stock with nice checkered pistol grip. Smooth trigger pull all metal parts, weight about 7lbs.

I love finding and shooting these vintage rifles.

So be honest how many of you have seen or heard of these?

Rifle History

Sad and both interesting.

There is very little to no documentation, most of the Walther factory documentation was either destroyed or hauled off by the Russians after the US Army captured the factory and made off with a good deal of the production. There is no record of Walther factory material in US archives. So most information comes from circumstantial info.

I chatted with someone who stated he had a conversation with a Portuguese researcher who advised him of a cache of Walther Mod 2 rifles in the early 41000 range purchased by a shooting club in Portugal in the early 1930s. That would include this rifle by serial number.



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1 Comment on "Walther Model 2 Rifle:Is it Semi-Auto or Bolt ? Have You Ever Seen One?"

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  1. Chris says:

    I own both a Model 1 and Model 2 just as you do. The model 2 is in for repairs as the three-piece firing pins on these old Walthers tend to go out. I actually just had the Model 1’s recoil spring replaced with a modern-made higher strength spring and it is a pleasure to shoot. If you’re looking for a 10-round mag, there is a parts maker in England who can sell you a mag for a very reasonable price, makes them even more fun to shoot!

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