Vudoo MTU Apparition in MPA Chassis

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So a friend of mine called today and said hey meet me at the range I have something special to show you. Low and Behold he shows up with a beautiful Vudoo MTU Apparition in a Master Piece Arms Matrix Chassis, topped with NICE Leupold Scope and of course I show up without my camera gear only armed with my mobile device. I was excited and in a rush because this is the first time in 30 years he didn’t tell me he was building something or on the hunt for something so I knew it had to be good.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but it is most definitely the most refined 22 rifle I have ever shot or seen, with the Kimber Super America still rating #1.

That is a blade of grass at the rear of the stock. Not an alteration to the buttpad





To put it to the test a brand new rifle entered into the Dayattherange 22 Challenge Callout. Absolutely amazed of the groups it turned in at 50 yards with Lapua Midas+ ammunition. It would not be a day with he and I at the range together without a friendly challenge Demolition Man would take the top 3 target and I would shoot the bottom 3 of the official challenge target.







Scores for MPA and Midas+ By Group Size

Mr. Revolverguy .212

Demolition Man .313

Demolition Man .338

Mr. Revolverguy .404

Mr. Revolverguy .521

Demolition Man .584

Wanting to spend more time with my Christensen Ranger 22 it goes with me on every range visit. You all know that this Ranger 22 journey has not been without challenges of having to go back due to failure to eject. I have been on the search for the right ammo and have been hoping that the more rounds I put down the barrel the better it would shoot. Of course after shooting ?The Beast? Vudoo and MPA Chassis I immediately knew the Ranger 22 would be going up for sale but not without one last try.


With the threat of the sale would you know with SK Long Range ? Ammo I have tried before in this rifle with lack luster results, that on a day like today it would turn in a group like this.


I guess I will be keeping it around a little longer.

Stay tuned for a video review of ?The Beast? to come soon



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