Volquartsen Transforms MKII – Range Review

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Ruger MKII’s are known for exceptional durability, accuracy, and reliability. The Ruger MKII’s are so well put together and has such a cult like following it is often thought they maintain magical powers. My initial review of this paticular MKII put it in a shootout against 3 other Long Barrel 22 Pistols Though there was stiff competition the Ruger MKII brought home the 1st place trophy.

I knew my ruger was capable of so much more and it was begging to be unleashed. I turn to Volquartsen to transform this 10inch rare Ruger MKII into the Optimus Prime of auto pistols. I obtained the Volquartsen Accurizing Kit, titanium disconnector, Volthane Grips and Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release.

This 7 piece accurizing kit advertises a reduction to the Mark II’s trigger pull to a crisp 2.25 lbs. My RCBS trigger guage measured a very light 2 lbs on 10 measures. It features a surface ground stainless target hammer, stainless micro-polished sear, redesigned target trigger with pre-travel and over-travel adjustments, polished trigger plunger, trigger spring and an extended silver bolt release. The titanium disconnector is not a part of the accurizing kit but if your replacing everything else why stay with the original connector?

After 35 minutes to disassemble and reassemble my MKII it has now made a serious transformation.

Ruger MKII Transform

After transformation and the feel of the light crisp trigger on the snap cap, I knew there was a range trip in my immediate future. I just couldn’t wait I packed light for the range with only the MKII/Optimus Prime in the bag with 100 rounds of CCI MINI-MAG ammunition from Gunsforsale.com After all SuperBowl 45 was due to start at 6pm. I am actually writing this review as I watch the Green Bay Packers lead the Pittsburg Steelers 21 to 17.
As you can see Gunsforsale.com also has great customer support all ammunition was packed well and arrived unharmed.

I quickly loaded both magazines which accompanied me on this short range trip with 10 rounds each. Knowing in my original 22 Long Barrel Shootout I tested at 12 yards I ran the electronic target out to this point.
This is the original target at 12 yards before transformation.

With a two hand unassisted hold the first thing I notice was the stability with the Volthane Grips. Now the 10inch Optimus Prime doesn’t seem so barrel heavy. I squeezed off 10 shots, the trigger is very smooth and crisp with absolutely no take up and to my surprise the trigger stop is adjusted just right.

After such great results I ran the target out an additional 3 yards to the 15yard marker. Again with two hand unassisted hold I squeezed off 10 rounds.

Though the grouping is not as tight as I had hoped. I was happy considering I only have 5 minutes of range time with a new setup and that the pistol was functioning flawlessly after a complete disassemble and reassemble. Those that have attempted this on the Ruger Mark series pistols know this can be a tough task, though it was fairly quick and easy for me.
I ran the target out to 25yards and loaded up both magazines. I squeezed off 20 rounds slowfire at a 5.5inch Caldwell Orange Peel Bullseye Target

Now I really wanted to test this platform out, though it is more testing my skill than anything because I know this firearm is capable of way better groups than I turned out. I applied a fresh new 5.5inch Caldwell Orange Peel Bullseye Target and ran the target back out to 25yards, this time attempting rapid-fire.

Though I have 3 flyers I was more impressed with my rapid fire 25 yard group than my slow fire. The Volthane Grips kept the front sight very steady.

To wrap things up with some pure fun I brought the target in to 7 yards to see how many rounds it would take me to shoot the center of the target out. After 3 magazines and 30 rounds of pure fun it was now time for me to get back home clean up Optimus Prime and make room in the safe to keep it from starting trouble with others with it’s new found attitude.

The Volquartsen Accurizing Kit, Volquartsen Titanium Disconnector, Volquartsen Extended Magazine Release and Volthane Grips has transformed and already great platform into a prodigious diabolical shooting machine. If you search the internet the total kit can be had for as little as $130.00 dollars.

This kit deserves an Excellent Rating and is highly recommended.

Short but another awesome “Day At The Range”

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  1. Kevin Baker says:

    I put one of these kits into my 5″ target model Mk II a while back after trying someone else’s. It took longer to thoroughly clean the pistol than it did to finish the parts swap. I’ve since used that pistol to win a bowling pin (top) match. Worth every penny..

  2. Dan says:

    I have put these kits in two of my Mark II’s and love the results.

  3. Todd C. says:

    I realize the review is almost a year old now but I am excited to learn more about this firearm. This is something that I would consider way off the beaten path for me as I am such a fan of other caliber handguns, but nonetheless I walked into a store I have never been in, and there sat a 10″ on the shelf at an amazing price. I can’t wait to pick it up next week. Thanks again for all the great reviews and info on the MK II.

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