Volquartsen Transforms MKII ? Bench Rest Update

| February 13, 2011 | 3 Comments

The MKII article has become very popular, thanks to all of my readers for the kind words as well as the criticism. This is a journey and I continue to try and improve upon the range reviews and the data presented on this site. After posting this range review Volquartsen Transforms MKII I had a number of request to test the MKII from the bench. So today I called DM asked him to meet me at the range and to bring along some of his sand bags.

After a few warm up shots utilizing 40 grain CCI Mini-MAGS at 7 and 15 yards.

I put on two new Caldwell 5.5inch Bullseye targets and sent the electronic target system out to 25 yards. Two MKII magazines were loaded, I sat at the bench with my wrist firmly rested on the sand bags and squeezed off 10 shots per target.

For non target ammunition I was very happy with the results of the Volquartsen Transformed MKII and the CCI Mini-MAG ammo.

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3 Comments on "Volquartsen Transforms MKII ? Bench Rest Update"

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  1. richard henry says:

    where can i buy a 10″ barreled mkii i cant find one!!!!!

  2. W.R.Phillips says:

    I have a 10″ Ruger SS with volquartsen.That I could be persuaded to sell. If interested E mail me and I will send a pic. Bill

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