Volquartsen Battleworn: Ammo Shootout

| July 30, 2021 | 3 Comments


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3 Comments on "Volquartsen Battleworn: Ammo Shootout"

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  1. hangfire says:

    Thanks for your videos. dig dang digity dang fliers…. the variable is quite consistent, likely hardware and can be corrected. Appreicate the work you have to go through preparing and posting great shooting info—love 22s

  2. Larry sigmon says:

    I never see you make a paralex ajustment?

  3. Cale R. says:

    Wind Flag (s)

    The one component you need to add….
    Most if not all of your unexplained “fliers”..

    The AIR your shooting through.

    It would surprise you to learn JUST HOW
    LITTLE Air instability moves a 22LR bullet
    at 1080fps and a ballistic coefficient of
    Takes very little… Frustratingly little.

    Look into a few wind flags to add to your
    bench sessions..
    Even a 3-4 foot pole, rebar with a 3 foot
    ribbon on it will tell you A LOT.

    Good shooting

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