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| February 14, 2015 | 3 Comments

As I stated in my original review ( of the Ruger Redhawk Alaskan it was love at first sight. Most who visit know that I am a big bore revolver fanatic, and thanks to Mark Hartshorne at Pinnacle High Performance ( this Ruger Redhawk Alaskan has become my favorite hand canon.

Over the past couple of years the Alaskan has been on a journey to become personalized to my exact specifications. ?It just so happened I decided to complete this project after my lovely wife presented me a gift of classy burl grips for Christmas. Full review of the grips can be read about here? but here are a few pictures of the Alaskan on it’s journey. I was not very fond of the finger grooved hogue grips and have always preferred the look and feel of the smooth GP100 grips with wood inserts

The appearance after the addition of these grips were absolutely amazing. At this point there was only one last thing to do, turn this revolver into the most versatile revolver I own, capable of being deployed in any situation. Since the original purchase, even before the background check was complete I was thinking Triple Threat. A revolver capable of firing 45ACP, 45LC and 454Casull. This would mean I would need to find someone I could trust to mill the cylinder on my revolver to take 45ACP moonclips. It took me a couple of years to get here but I wanted to make sure the gunsmith I chose would do it right. Enter Pinnacle High Performance after seeing some of Mark’s work on the web I decided to call and email him about what I was looking for. Hearing Mark’s enthusiasm about revolvers, I knew right away this was the guy for the job. Mark provided all the right answers and his customer service was top notch, a real pleasure to deal with. I quickly disassembled the Alaskan and sent the cylinder off to Mark for him to work his magic. The cylinder would be with Mark at his shop for 10 days, during the holiday season. Upon return I couldn’t have been more impressed, the 45ACP moonclips that I use with my S&W Performance Center 625 now works with the Alaskan. I immediately reassembled the Alaskan and headed to the range with a 50 rounds of 45ACP, 30 rounds of 45LC and 18 rounds of 454Casull. All rounds fired accurately without issue proving the head space was spot on. 45ACP is the only round that requires a moonclip in the Alaskan, the 45LC and 454Casull still headspaces off the cylinder face. If you are looking for custom revolver work or the basic trigger job, Mark Hartshorne of Pinnacle High Performance is sure to satisfy your needs.

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