TK Custom Spring Kit: In A S&W 625 Plugging That Hillary Hole

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Making A Good Trigger Better

I used a TK Custom Spring Kit to try and improve upon my 625 S&W Revolver. I am not sure why but since I first started shooting I have been very interested in revolvers that fire semi auto cartridges.


Trigger Changes

The spring kit reduced my trigger pull nominally but the feel substantially.

Factory Trigger Pull

Double Action 12.4 Pounds

Single Action 4.2 Pounds

TK Custom Kit Adjustment

Double Action 8.2 Pounds

Single Action 2.6 Pounds

TK Custom S&W 625 Torture Test

I believe this is one of the more strenuous test that could have been done because there are many variables to a S&W625.


The utilization of moonclips, the capability to fire 45Autorim without moonclips. Last but not least for reloaders, primers carry different CUP thickness and hardness. To ensure great reliability MAKE SURE to replace your factory strain screw with the TK Custom screw that comes in the package, turn it all the way down until it stops with the provided allen wrench and use blue Loctite which is also provided. With mine turned all the way down it gave me close to 10pound DA pull. I wanted lighter so I backed it out about 3/4 to a full turn and got it down to 8 to 8.5pounds. 


This kit proved to be very smooth and the feel was much lighter to the bugger finger than the numbers show.


It Looks Scary But It Isn’t

Disclaimer if this is something you are wanting to do to a revolver to be used for self defense please contact a gunsmith or even better TK Custom ( or 217-643-2002) and they will perform this work for you and make sure it is reliable. If this is is still something you want to do at home it is possible in about 20 minutes. Maybe even a little less if you watch the TK Custom Tutorial first 

I embarked upon this journey more than anything to get rid of the Hillary hole or lock in the side of the frame. The lock has grown to mythical proportions but I have seen a few of them break and totally lock up a revolver, not even able to cock it single action with your thumb. The majority of failures are due to a tiny spring that even with good eyes have to be observed under a magnifying glass.


Make sure that you are working in a clean environment, I did this on a microfiber cloth because it tends to grab small pieces that may bounce around. It is critical and much easier to have the proper tools most important a rebound slide spring tool.


Reliability and Torture Test

If you are still gung ho about doing this it is a very rewarding experience of accomplishment. Not to mention to the old go bang finger it feels much better than what the actual reduction numbers show. Make sure to thoroughly test with the ammo you plan to use.


Dr Luv — Drulov Model 70

Stick around until the end of the video for a guest appearance from Dr. Luv


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  1. Saul Alunski says:

    Two questions:
    1. Will the S&W Model 625 safely shoot 45 Super ammunition if it will that would greatly increase its flexibility. (A gun that is high on my wish list)
    2. Where can I get a DURLOV model 70?

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