Tikka T1X KRG Bravo Build: First Shots

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My son-in-law has created a rift in the family, at least between he and I. He has been secretly building this Tikka T1X prepping for the smallest group challenge for some time now with HELP from DM. He shows up at the house saying let’s go do some ammo testing. He pulls this thing out of the rifle bag, after admiring the quality and picking my jaw up off the floor I asked him to tell me a little about it.

Tikka T1X Build

This Tikka T1X Multi Task Rifle started out as a factory Tikka in it’s original synthetic stock. Which was the first order of business. Changing the stock out for a KRG Bravo. The action for the Tikka T1X is the same footprint as the larger T3 series. Designed with the same philosophy as Tikka’s full-size centerfire rifles. Therefore placing it in this KRG Bravo not only gives it a aluminum bedded chassis. It also provides a great option to have a cheaper training rifle setup exactly the same as a larger T3. The action on this rifle is very strong providing a consistent smooth experience with the stainless steel bolt. The barrel on this Tikka rifle has been cold hammer-forged to offer more reliable precision for improved shot grouping. On this rifle John opted for the longer 20in barrel threaded in 1/2×28. Supporting direct thread suppressors. That’s if you have the patience to wait for clearance to get one. I am still perplexed that it takes someone like myself that the US Government trained and trusted to protect this nation in an honorable way 6 to 8 months to get permission to even own a suppressor. Apologies for the detour had a bit of an outer body experience there. Back to the Tikka T1X, John finished the build topping it off with a Vortex 6-24 Diamondback Tactical in a set of 30MM Vortex Rings. To finish it all off John added the spring from the Yo Dave Trigger Kit and added a few more magazines.

Tikka T1X First Shots

The original intent was to get the hard but yet enjoyable work out of the way. Getting this masterpiece out on the range with a bunch of different ammo to try and get it dialed in. All with reasonably priced ammo for practice and local matches. Then have a second round of testing with match ammo for NRL22 and longer range competitions.

Luck would be on our side this day as from previous range trips I had one box of Eley Match ammunition. Of which we decided to test first.

Would you believe the first 10 shots of this rifle had us both staring at one another asking ourselves is it worth even more testing now?

First 10 Shots

We wanted to make sure it wasn’t a fluke so John fired for a 5 shot group and achieved an amazing .377in group at 50 yards with Eley Match.

Let’s Watch The Action


Testing Results

This was to much of a beautiful day, 44 degrees with 3to6mph winds. With such a wonderful start to the range day Tikka testing we decided to press forward. The Tikka was not very picky about ammo, it was more of a matter which ammo had less flyers. 

CCI-SV and RWS Rifle Match turned in better groups than the others.

RWS Rifle Match

Improving On The Fundamentals

Before packing up and leaving I found another surprise in the old range bag. A box of Wolf Match Extra. This time I asked John if he would do something for me. First fire 10 shots as spotters for group, then a final 5 shot group as we did during all of the testing today. Though this time while racking the bolt to NOT  lift his head after every shot therefore maintaining his cheek weld and again the Tikka did not disappoint. John managed a .332in group at 50 yards.


Wolf Match Extra

The Tikka T1X Doesn’t Disappoint

Tikka is well known for it’s quality and it’s accuracy especially in the rimfire crowd. I think the next range visit will be against DM’s Anschutz. Both of these rifles seem to shoot .6in groups or less no matter the brand of ammunition. John and I both agree if we do our part, the Tikka is accurate and much more capable than he or I.

The real question IS are these two conspiring individuals still family and right for hiding such a magnificent build from me for such a long time?

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