Thompson vs Kriss Vector Pushing 45Super and 10MM To The Max

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Why Pistol Caliber Carbines

Pistol caliber carbines fall in between rifle and pistol rounds. A PCC fires a typical pistol cartridge and due to the additional barrel length these cartridges pick up velocity turning some cartridges from mild to wild.

Many will agree wood makes fantastic ammunition deliver some of the highest velocity  and power factor of most any brand. Today I wanted to see what would happen with 10MM and 45Super cartridges that are already top performers in some rather unique pistol caliber carbines, the Thompson and Kriss Vector.

Underwood ammunition is usually not very far off from what is advertised on the box. The more barrel length you give these cartridges the more velocity and power factor achieved. I first tested these round out of 1911 pistols with 6inch barrels.

They did not disappoint


Though with this additional speed there are a couple of downsides. Jacketed Hollow Point rounds are made to expand in a certain optimal range of velocity. Lower velocity can lead to less expansion and often time over penetration. Yes it is true those rounds that do not expand can at times act like hardball or hard cast lead ammo. Velocities over this optimal range can cause over expansion or the projectile to disintegrate even potentially opening to soon creating drag and less penetration.


The 230 grain 45 Super had a 43% increase in velocity from the 16in barrel of the Thompson. The side effects were a massive weight reduction by 28% but had 18inches of gel penetration. 


The 10MM had a 14% increase in velocity and a 25% decrease in weight and 15inches of gel penetration. Both calibers demonstrated the same behavior in significant weight loss due to the increase in velocity. 


Reasons A PCC Makes Since

Though we started with the ballistics there are other reasons to chose a PCC.


One big benefit to a pistol caliber carbine is control thanks to lower felt recoil levels. With calibers like 10MM and 45Super pistol recoil can be much more than some can handle.

Noise Level

For most any imaginable application, less noise is generally a good thing. Pistol calibers are much quieter than rifle calibers and can be extreme noise reduction in the home.

Handgun Compatibility

At least in theory, there’s an interesting benefit in that not only ammunition, but magazines can seamlessly move back and forth between pistols and carbines. A handgun and PCC can be the right combo for a husband wife combo or for anyone that may not be as experienced with firearms.

Fun Factor

Because of the above factors, less noise, less recoil using magazines you may already have a PCC can be so much more fun on the range to just plink or train with. 

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