The Ultimate Snub Nose Shootout

| September 10, 2022 | 0 Comments

If you had to choose between these two only what would be your choice?


S&W 629 & S&W 627 44Magnum & 357 Magnum

With some very nice sight upgrades from Dave Lauck at D&L Sports.


Wife Said Get Out Of The Way

I truly could not make a decision so the wife shoved me out of the way and said let’s finish this video the right way. Though I had a blast this might be one of my worst range sessions yet. I had a heckler (wife) along with me and when I could not make a decision. She said move over and let her shoot she will make a decision. I just lost my man card, my bro card and my Boss Hat. I tried to tell her I will train and get proficient with both and drool I mean carry both. That was not a good enough answer for her. And to think it has been about 8 months since she has shot as she has been recovering. 

Thank you all for your prayers!


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