The Ultimate Defense Revolver: S&W 629

| November 21, 2020 | 5 Comments

The Remington 44 Magnum is a very versatile cartridge, with loadings from mild to wild.?I know this is going piss-off many of my readers but before moving on to your other favorite firearm blogs take a deep breath and continue reading. Keep in mind I am not saying the 44 Magnum is perfect or best suited for a firefight, the best range cartridge or even the best hunting round. But what I am saying is paired with the right handgun or carbine the 44 Magnum is the most versatile cartridge known to man.

Because of this versatility I believe this is the best or “The Ultimate Self Defense Revolver”

S&W 629 Under Transformation

S&W 629 On The Range With Timer

S&W The Ultimate Revolver: Ransom Rest Accuracy

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5 Comments on "The Ultimate Defense Revolver: S&W 629"

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  1. willford says:

    It is hard to beat a RUGER SP 101. I have NEVER had a problem with them. I have had problems with smiths and taurus. So IMO I will stick with SP101.

  2. Chris says:

    Responding to willford, I have an SP101 (4.2″ bbl, .22LR). I like it a lot now, but it had bad problems out the door. It had constant failures to fire (up to 2/cylinder) due to a hammer that was badly sloppy and wouldn’t fall centered. Not only that, but the cylinder quickly went out of time and started spitting copper at me. It went back to Ruger and they fixed it. After I got it back and was happy with its reliability, I slicked up the internals and cleaned up a lot of the horrible roughness left in the internal parts. Now that little plinker is one of my favorite guns.

    My point is that all manufacturers let a poor example out the door occasionally. That shouldn’t stop someone from buying from a reputable, quality brand like Ruger or S&W that will stand by their products and make it right for the customer who ends up with a stinker.

  3. Nobody says:

    So between the S&W. 629 2.5 inch and the SRH 454 Alaskan with the moon clip option which is the all around personal defense heavy weight revolver? How about a video comparison?

  4. Oh wow now I love this idea, well thanks for giving me more work LOL kidding on the work do love the idea.

  5. Nobody says:

    Looking forward to the review, remember you can moon clip the 44mag as well with TK as this is who Gemini Revolvers uses to moon clip. Your review will help my revolver buy COA development.

    Thanks for you service.

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