The 45 Colt: Old But Still Useful?

| March 2, 2019 | 5 Comments

Is the 45 Colt Still Useful?

The 45 Colt designed in 1872, makes this one old cartridge. The granddad of the Old West at one time was one of the most venerable cartridges known to man. Along came the magnums 357, 44 and then the colossal big bores 454, 460 and 500. With the advent and popularity of the big bore magnums surely the 45 Colt would die a slow painful death. Moving away from the original loads of blackpowder to the new smokeless powders the granddaddy of big bore cartridges Mr. 45 Colt demanded to extend its legacy of one of the most versatile big bores to date.

New Ammunition Extends Its Capability 

With shops like Buffalo Bore improving upon this cartridge with the 225gr full wadcutter that hits like Thor’s hammer, surely to crush any bone or flesh in its way. To loads like the Sig Sauer 230gr V Crown Hollow Point designed for self defense. If you are into reloading and own a modern firearm like a Blackhawk or Redhawk you can experience the sinister side of the 45 Colt reaching 1000ft pounds of energy. Though one must be very careful and knowledgeable about this endeavor as the heavy loads will grenade older firearms like the Colt Single Action Army.

Diverse and Still Relevant

One can see that the 45 Colt is still very capable after 147 years of service and remains relevant to this day. Hunting, Self Defense and Cowboy Shooting it doesn’t matter, the 45 Colt is the softest shooting, versatile big bore of the 20th Century.

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5 Comments on "The 45 Colt: Old But Still Useful?"

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  1. Overload in CO says:

    I?ve read about how there?s a lot of empty room in a .45 Cold round as it was designed for black powder. How long would the cartridge need to be, to generate similar ballistics, if it were designed for smokeless powder? Would that shorter round fit in an existing shorter cylinder revolver (if bored to .45)?

  2. The Grey Man says:

    A half inch hole is still a half inch hole…

  3. I have been using the SIG .45 Colt 230gr round as the “first out of the pipe” on my S&W Governor, followed by Federal 000 Buck (X3 in the cylinder) for the bed time night stand load. In case of a re-load, I use six SIG .45ACP 230gr rounds in a full moon clip I hold on my pinky finger of my flashlight hand. While I haven’t done the extensive testing done here, they were quite effective on my testing with pumpkins and watermelons. Anyone that breaks into my home in the middle of the night will be taken to the M.E.’s office in a mop bucket.

  4. Scott Walden says:

    Excellent video, I keep the Sig Sauer 45 Colt V-Crown in my 4 5/8? Uberti El Patron…it appears to be a good choice.

  5. Jason Gunter says:

    I like the 45 Colt hard cast wadcutter. Lethal round! I use it in 38 special and 44 special as well. It takes a non-magnum round and gives you magnum style penetration minus the magnum recoil. Great video.

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