Taurus Tracker 627: Federal 130gr HST Wadcutter at 357Mag Velocity

| January 19, 2020 | 1 Comments

I was able to score some 130gr Federal HST Wadcutters used in Federal Micro HST 38special+P self defense ammo. I have tested the 38special+p and it performs really well in clear ballistic gel. My curiosity lead me to perform this test with 357Magnum as there is very little data available for 357 Magnum full Wadcutter. Sure there may be a reason for this as typical lead wadcutters most likely does not hold up well under 357 Magnum velocities. But when Federal released their 130gr jacketed wadcutter I just had to evaluate them at greater velocity seems like the perfect match.

Today I tested across the chronograph but it was to cold and cloudy to get consistent velocity reading. I will test my final load again on a better day with improved lighting.

This was a tough video to make as all of the equipment was malfunctioning, the camera completely froze and stopped recording at one time and the chronograph had to be weighted down the wind was blowing so hard. I still had a lot of fun

At the completion of this video the Taurus Tracker now has 1042 rounds down range, with 4 primer light strikes all with TulAmmo Small Pistol Primers. Don’t forget to visit dayattherange.com for a detailed review.

These loads as seen were safe in this revolver, please do not attempt to replicate this load without working up what will be best in your revolver.

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1 Comment on "Taurus Tracker 627: Federal 130gr HST Wadcutter at 357Mag Velocity"

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  1. Wade m Landeche says:

    Too cold! Great job despite the conditions, was definitely making the mark in performance and was close to the velocity we talked about…Warmer conditions would make for slightly higher velocities. Great ladder test all in all was great! Thanks for the video documentation!

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