Taurus M44 44Magnum, Cimarron Badboy and M1 Carbine Got Me Put In The Dog House

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A buddy of min approached me after reading and seeing the info I posted online about getting the Taurus M44 44 Magnum to 1000 rounds



I knew it was not going or shall I say I expected it not to be the greatest of conversations because it started like.  “Please take no offense (which means to me hold on its going to be offensive) but friends do not let friends buy Taurus’s” I immediately replied “If I thought you weren’t my friend, I just don’t think I could bear it.” (Doc Holiday) He looked a little confused and I still have not told him where that quote came from but I digress. He began to then tell me he enjoyed my Taurus video

and he was only kidding because he owns two, a 38special for CCW and a 357Magnum for range use. I couldn’t help myself and told him man I am not feeling the best as I feel like I am failing you as a friend. After calling me the smartest guy in the world (yeah right) he told me how I missed one of the most critical attributes “no after market support”. I had never considered this, never really spent a moment thinking about it. He mentioned what keeps Taurus sales down is the fact there is no after market support of which Taurus is to blame as they will not even sell you a factory spring not even a screw. He informed me more how he lost a side plate screw and called Taurus and they made him send his revolver back to them for which they had for 7 months just for a side plate screw. 


Galloway Precision Springs

I of course had to see for myself and to my surprise a quick search did not bring up much of anything AT ALL, not even many gunsmiths I could find that would work on a Taurus. I quickly refined my search to be more specific “TaurusM44 Springs” and at the top of the list was Galloway Precision


Wolff Springs showed up in this search also but their description was missing the exact model M44 so Galloway Precision it is. In 3 days I had the springs in hand and was ready to swap things out. Prior to doing the work I used my RCBS trigger gauge to take a few readings and again I was shocked at the horrible Single Action reading of 8pounds. The Double Action pull was about 11.5 though very smooth and with the wide target trigger felt less than this. 10minutes at the bench and I had the springs changed, big noticeable difference. The Single Action pull was the most drastic, 3pound trigger pull from 8 pounds. The Double Action was about 8.5 pounds.


Range Time – Chronograph Readings

Time to search my ammo stash to see what factory 44 Magnum I had on hand and head to the range.


In this search I found some of my own handloads, that were some of my favorite 44’s chronographed a while ago. I gathered some from each batch. Some were loaded with CCI Primers, Winchester Primers and Federal, I dropped them in an empty box and headed to the range. I also hand some of the new Hornady Handgun Hunter that I had waited almost a year to get, no better time than now to chronograph these also.


The Numbers and Video

I had a a few miss fires so I thought. But after watching the video I realized the cylinder was not getting full rotation. I did reassemble the side plate ensuring everything was tight. After speaking with another experienced revolver shooter he informed me that under recoil I was letting off the trigger and there for getting what he called a mid cylinder strike. Sure enough I attempted this with snap caps and could reproduce it, so this is al shooter fault for sure. It just means I need to get out and shoot more 44Mag thru this revolver now that I have this marvelous trigger powered by Galloway Precision.

What A Great Wife

I knew I would be in the dog house for such a long range outing and missing the carpet shopping. I explained to the wife I had the chance to fire an M1 Carbine so please accept my apology. Her answer — if you had your own you would not have this problem but that’s ok I picked out the carpet I think you will like but it cost a little more than what you thought. All I could think was ok I deserved that, but also did she just open the door for an M1 Carbine? Moral of the story this Taurus M44 has been a great value and was made even better with a simple spring upgrade. Or at least it was a great value until I see the bill for this new carpet. Make sure you absolutely like what you are getting while in the store because once you leave there is not much in the way of aftermarket support for the brand.

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