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Chris at ShootingSmart Shooting

Form: Thin, incredibly light, even when loaded. I think it?s a beautiful piece of engineering. I?d go so far as to say its one sexy looking wheel. The Crimson Trace laser grips add a nice touch I think as well. I much prefer them to the standard grips.

Fit: You?d think that because it?s so light at just 13.3oz, it might come across as ?fragile? but this is not the case at all. The gun feels solid and right at home in your hand. The lines of the little J-Frame are smooth and deliberate. There is no extra metal on this gun. Its very thin (as most J?s are), and ultra concealable.

Finish: The entire gun is finished in matte black. The finish is smooth and even. The lasered engravings are precise and detailed. I love the finish. To me this is a purpose built weapon. It?s made for back-up and deep concealment. No need for shinny bling-bling finishes here.


Feel: Gun feels right at home in the hand. Surprisingly light, yet feels solid loaded. It?s a little front heavy, which makes sense since the majority of the gun?s weight is the stainless barrel, cylinder and ammo therein. I could perceive some larger handed shooters not being so pleased with the grip. When holding the gun my pinky finger rest underneath the bottom of the grip. This is not at all uncomfortable for me but may be for others.

Function: Flawless operation. (surprise, surprise, it a revolver) Shot American Eagle .38spl 130gr FMJ?s, American Eagle .357mag high velocity 158gr jacketed soft points, Winchester .38spl+p 125gr. silver tip HP, Speer .357mag 158gr. GDHP?s, and Speer Gold Dot 38spl+p 135gr. GDHP?s with out a single hiccup. Trigger action is smooth and uniform throughout. I?m sure with more range/break-in time the trigger will smooth out even more, as is the case with most. The cylinder release is tight, not to impede function but could use a little break in time.

To my surprise, this little snubby is extremely accurate for a lightweight J-Frame with a 1.87in barrel. The recoil from the .38spl?s was extremely manageable, even enjoyable, with the +p?s in a very close second. Which leads me to the .357 magnums. Ahh?the .357??what can I saw but ouch! They are killer. I shot around 20 rounds including 15 of the American Eagle .357 High Velocity 158gr jacketed soft point and the Speer Gold Dot .357 158gr HP?s. Not sure if it was me, or the fact that it was towards the end of my range time, but the Speer HP?s had a greater felt recoil than the Eagles. I will NOT be carrying .357?s in this gun. Should I need it in self defense the recoil severely retards the ability of a quick follow-up shot. I?d rather hit the BG 5 times with .38spl+p?s than once with a .357. One thing I didn?t try which I should have is the .38spl +p+ rounds. Guess that will have to wait until next time.

As for the targets; All targets were shot in a semi rapid fire, off hand manner. By this I mean it wasn?t point and shoot rapid fire, but more quick sight picture and shoot. (I estimate around 3-4 seconds between shots) The only exception to this is the .357 target where it took considerably more time (I?d estimate at least 2-3 seconds) due to the horrendous recoil.

EDIT: also should be noted that the 25yrd target is just under 25yrds (somewhere around 23-1/2 -24 -indoor range) and that the 25yrd shots were aimed slightly slower)

Target 1: 15 rds . 357Mag @ 10yrds

Target 2: 25 rds . 38spl @ 7 yrds

Target 3: 25 rds . 38spl/+p @ 10yrds

Target 4: 20 rds 38spl @ 20yrds

Target 5: 35 rds 38spl/+p @ 25yrds

Final impression: This gun is hot. I loved every minute shooting it, minus the soreness in the pad of my thumb from those Magnum rounds. Not a cheap purchase but well worth it. Extremely concealable on any frame, in any occasion. I?d say probably one of the best pocket guns out there. I have three holsters for it already. The Desantis Nemesis pocket holster, Desantis ambi stealth and a Fobus ankle rig. The ankle rig disappears under my jeans. (and they are not ?baggy?) The pocket holster does as advertised. It breaks up the print, with the sticky exterior, and slick interior, you get a fast draw without a inch of holster movement. This gun will definitely be a frequent carry for me, especially in the summer months.

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  1. Ron W says:

    Bought one of these as my retirement gun just before I retired from 33 years in law enforcement. Try the 110 grain magnum loads & I think you’ll notice quite a difference in recoil. I realize heavier bullets usually equal deeper penetration, but I’ve opted for the higher velocity and lower recoil.

  2. Tom Zientarski says:

    I love mine, light enough to carry everywhere, but as far as I am concerned, leave the magnums at home, the 38 +P are enough. 357’s lighter than the 125 grain and up may be ok, but from 125 grains and up they are murder on the hand, you may hit the BG with the first shot but recovery time is too slow.
    Impressive targets!

  3. Wayne Isaacks says:

    Shooting 340 Only problem I’ve had with 357 mag is bullets backing out and jamming the cylinder on 4th or 5th shot.
    Latest CorBon 140 Gr HP 357

  4. Were you shooting factory loads or reloads when the bullet was backing out on you? Factories tend to have enough crimp. If reloading make sure you have sufficient enough crimp on the bullet.

  5. Doc says:

    I have a S&W 340 PD, which I’ve had for many years. Thought you had provided incorrect info on weight and make-up regarding metals used for manufacture, but it appears S&W has changed the product. Mine has a Scandium frame with a Titanium cylinder, which gives it an unloaded weight of only 11.4 ounces. I think there is a marking on the barrel shroud that states you are not to use less than a 125 grn bullet in this handgun. Great concealed carry handgun, especially in a Kydex Alabama pocket holster. I use .38s, and about 10 .357s fir training (they ARE killer on your hand and central nervous system!), and then carry with .357s.

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