S&W Model 640-1 Magnum Centennial & Kimber K6s: Episode 3 Table Top Introduction

| April 16, 2017 | 0 Comments

This is Episode 3 of the mini series in comparing the revolutionary 6 shot Kimber K6s revolver to the popular Smith and Wesson Model 640-1 Magnum Centennial Edition introduce in 1995.

The first episode was an introduction of the three revolvers that will be utilized in this mini series.

This episode consist of a table top review of the second of two S&W model 640’s.

In this video I will be comparing some of the standard measurements of each along with testing the trigger pull on a RCBS trigger guage. Width, Sight Radius, Trigger weight.

I have seen on a few forums around the internet complaints of the price. As it pertains to fit and finish the Kimber K6s is on par or equal to the S&W performance center line and priced about the same.

Stay tuned for episode #4 for where I will spend time on the range with all 3 revolvers, testing accuracy, reliability and subjective recoil.

If there is something more you would like to see please leave the comments below and I will answer any questions.

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