S&W 22 Victory: The New 22 Pistol

| January 10, 2016 | 6 Comments

S&W has teamed up with Volquartsen to bring us a new 22 pistol. I am not sure about the aesthetics or lines of the pistol but having teamed with Volquartsen who is making the barrels for S&W, accuracy seemed to be the main focus. The threaded model has surely caught my eye. The video shows additional threaded barrels with a muzzle comp that comes off which is even more exciting.

Now how long before they start showing up on the market?


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6 Comments on "S&W 22 Victory: The New 22 Pistol"

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  1. Just had this email from Volquartsen forwarded to me.

    Volquartsen Firearms to offer barrels for new Smith & Wesson? SW22 Victory?!
    Volquartsen Firearms has announced that they have teamed up with Smith & Wesson? to offer barrels for the newly introduced 22 LR pistol from Smith & Wesson? – the SW22 Victory?.

    As many of you may have heard, Smith & Wesson? released its “next generation target pistol” yesterday. You can read their press release here. This is a project that we have known about for some time now, so we had the fortunate opportunity to get a head start on developing aftermarket parts for it.

    Never before have we been able to work with a major manufacturer such as Smith & Wesson? to develop aftermarket parts prior to a product release. The ability to work with them prior to the product launch provided us with invaluable information in the design and manufacture of our barrels.

    The first thing that struck us as we looked at this pistol was how easy it was going to be to interchange barrels. It really is a “no gunsmithing, drop-in” design. It literally only takes a few of minutes to install either our stainless steel I-fluted barrel or our carbon fiber THM tension barrel.

    These barrels will be available direct through Volquartsen Firearms as well as through our distributors and dealers.. Volquartsen Firearms is pleased to share that the goal is to continue to work with Smith & Wesson? on a complete line of aftermarket parts for this pistol. Stay tuned as we have more parts on the way!

    Don’t miss out, pre-order your barrel today!

  2. Michael Hanson says:

    I just bought this pistol last week and had the opportunity to go to the range and try it out. I found it to be accurate right out of the box. I was shooting 3 – 4 inch groups from a standing position at 15 yards, two hand grip. No failures in 300 rounds! Nice trigger, very easy to control. Very pleasant pistol to shoot. Almost no felt recoil. My wife, who is fairly new to shooting, liked it, and was very accurate shooting it.
    Very easy takedown, and easily customized. It seems like a major American Firearms manufacturer has finally come up with a pistol design that competes favorably with a Browning Buckmark and the Ruger Mark III and 22/45 at a reasonable price. Time will tell if it is as durable as a
    Ruger 22. I have had a Ruger Mark I for nearly 40 years, and it still shoots as well as it did in 1976. If the S&W Victory can last half that long, it’s a steal at the current price point.

  3. Michael says:

    This new S&W .22LR Victory ………Would you buy this or the Ruger??
    Looks like the S&W operates the bolt the same as a Ruger? Just pull it back!

    What do you pay for the Victory?
    I live in Van Nuys, Ca. 91406

  4. Ron Williams says:

    After a few rounds getting used to a new firearm, ten ring for half the shots. (short distance 25 feet) Used Federal Auto Match. This is my new best friend. Sure is cheaper to shoot than my .40 and 9mm’s. The weight for me is an asset. I like a heavier firearm. Price is great and fun to shoot. Recommend Highly. I look forward to moving the target back and improving my groups.

  5. Ron Williams says:

    I forgot to mention the marvelous trigger. Every bit as nice as quality 1911. The green fiber optics are new to me and really an asset. I am an old codger an need the added dimension of the bright sight picture. I am now considering that for my other firearms.

  6. J.P. Jones says:

    I bought one and it jammed about 50% of the time. Sent it back to S&W and it came back to me in a very timely manner. It is now the best .22 pistol I have ever fired. It seems to eat literally anything, and is a lot more accurate than I am. Seems to me that this is THE .22 pistol to buy.

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