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If you are interested in supporting website and youtube channel the following merchandise is available for sale. Though we love keeping the articles updated and making video’s for the site it was important for the wife and I to have something more to offer. All funds go back into the channel for equipment and other items required to keep the site and channel going like ammunition. 

Each item is made with love by the wife and ships promptly. There is not an online store at this moment as we did not want to add any additional cost to the items.

You can order by sending an email to

If we do not have the product you are looking for and want to support the channel you can paypal us @

Item# 50Cal Freedom 30oz– Large Bullet Thermos $24.99+shipping

Item# 308Win Freedom 20oz– Small Bullet Thermos $18.99+shipping

Item# Policeman Prayer 20oz– Shield Prayer Thermos $21.99+shipping

Item# Serve& Honor 20oz— Protect Thermos $21.99+shipping

Item# 1776 20oz– I Am 1776 Thermos $21.99+shipping

Item# USMC 20oz– USMC Thermos $21.99+shipping

Item# SmallCupWhite 11oz– Small Coffee Cup $14.99+shipping

Item# LargeCupBW 15oz– Large Coffee Cup $16.99+shipping


Hat’s Available

We are also now offering hats with the new Dayattherange Logo


Item# DarkGreyhat– $25.99+shipping

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  1. Jeff says:

    I just got my thermos in the Policeman’s prayer version. These things are very nice . They are lightweight, thin material, yet sturdy and very good insulation. Unlike many of these types designs, these lids especially easy to clean. It’s a very good product and the graphics make me proud .

  2. Tia4Birds says:

    I would like to have a thermos, they are so cool!

  3. Tia4birds says:

    I just received my 308 thermo’s, I took it to the range today at 17 degrees and it sat on the bench the hole time and was piping hot after an hour and a half!! Enjoy the 22LR show’s. Thank You so Much! Mr. Revolver Guy

  4. Oh man Robert that is awesome. This will bring a smile to the wife’s face.

  5. Michael Richardson says:


    I am a UK CZ455 shooter, love the videos, fantastic channel.

    Waiting for the weather to improve and will get out and take on the challenge.

    My CZ eats the SK flatnose match and the Eley team, It also likes the Federal target auto match 325 bulk box.

    Have the CZ shooting about an inch group at 100 yards

    Keep up the great work

  6. Where are you getting the SK Long Range match was no longer being made? That is some nice shooting Mike download the target andjoin the challenge we would love to have you.

  7. Michael Richardson says:

    Dear Mr. RevolverGuy,

    Looking forward to doing the challenge soon. Will be shooting in the gallery world championships at Bisley next month so until then it’s practice, practice and more practice. I worked out that my rifle likes about 75 rounds through it to get those tight groups. I use the SK Flat nose match not the long range stuff. Eley team works well in my rifle too.

    Look forward to watching your rimfire videos

  8. Jerry Clifton says:

    How do you order an item and pay?

  9. Mark Millward says:

    Just as a Question, I only have a UK printer (A4 Size) my friend and I would like to shoot the challenges (hostage) but the printout is too big, what size do I need to get the same as you guys i US?

  10. Ron H says:


    My wife and I have been down with medical issues for about 4 months now (1 surgery each) and I am a little out of touch. I love the channel and want to support it very much. How can I make a purchase?

  11. Michael Percle says:

    Mr Revolver guy. I need some help. I was in a severe automobile accident last year that disabled me and can no longer work. I have limited funds as I cannot afford to buy a new scope because the doctor bill are still coming in. Would you know of anyone who can help me by donating a scope to top my ruger 10/22 ?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time and effort for creating this site I follow all your you tube videos.

    Michael Percle

  12. Ron my friend get better you and the wife. Support by continuing to watch get back on your feet and get back out and shoot.

  13. Can these challenges be shot with magnum rimfire?

  14. I saw a new challenge called the life saver challenge. I decided to try it,and on the 20th shot,I put a 17HMR round through the hole of a life saver and didn’t break it. I have a picture of it, if you want to see it. It was done at 50 yards. I’ll have to try it again, but this time get it on video, since my friends say,if it’s not on video, it didn’t happen. Thanks for your time.

  15. Vernon Seiler says:

    I was very interested in your kimber 82g and the r100 ammo. I shoot at the Oconomowoc gun club. We shoot at 300yds with. 22lr. Most of the shooters use the R100 ammo. I shoot my 82G with R50 ammo. We shoot steel silhouette targets. It sure is fun watching the targets tip over at that distance. You really ought to do some shooting at the longer distance. Keep on shooting.

  16. David Scobbie says:

    I would love one of the ball caps you just showed off

  17. Jeff says:

    I’m still looking for those DATR hats ! Has there been enough interest to get them ?

    You are an awesome showman . I literally laugh out loud at several of your comments in every video .

    Thank you MRG… and Mrs LEO

  18. My Brother man thanks for the support. I have my first set being made and will email you.

  19. James Smith says:

    Want one of the great hats. How do you order?

  20. Justin L. says:

    Where are the hats/shirts that I saw on your latest video? I saw they were available but I can’t find them on the site.


    I love the channel, my girlfriend and I shot the Z challenge and loved it. I recorded us shooting it, but we didn’t do great! Thanks for the great content!

  21. David Scobbie says:

    Received my cap yesterday.i couldn’t give this enough A+ stars for quality and value. Thank you for sellin/making such a nice shooting accessory

    I encourage everyone to purchase one ASAP!!!!

  22. Awesome glad you like it David

  23. Robert Stevenson says:

    I really enjoy you and your videos. Now you have convinced me to get a modern rimfire and join your fun!

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