STI Apeiro In 10MM: Tabletop Review

| November 3, 2019 | 0 Comments

STI was definitely thinking outside of the box when it created the Apeiro. So why discontinue it?

Because the owner is parting ways with 40S&W he decided to keep this one and have the chamber reamed to 10MM.

To reduce recoil and increase cycling speed, STI cut a large portion out of the top of the slide and mounted the front sight on the barrel, island cutout. This increased the barrel weight and decreased the weight of the slide. As a result, there is more weight retained at the end of the gun and less weight when the slide recoils to the rear. In the right hands this increases speed and tames the 40S&W and 10MM. This setup increased my ability to stay on target and is the fastest I have ever fired 10MM accurately.

The front sight is a fiber-optic unit, while the rear is a completely adjustable BoMar sight. STI didn?t neglect the look of this gun either, with Sabre serrations on the slide making for a positive grip when racking the slide and a two-tone look.


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