SR1911 Accuracy Ransom Rest Test

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Today I got a chance to head out to the range with my SR1911 which I reviewed earlier,SR1911 Review Here.
After this review I received a number of emails asking if I could shoot the SR1911 from a rest to test true accuracy. Many stating in their emails my offhand shooting is no true sign of accuracy. Had I not been called scum bag, slim ball, brick, unsat, nasty recruit and many more names by my Marine Corp Drill Instructors developing thick skin the emails may have hurt my feelings. In an attempt to give the readers something satisfactory I tried to do one better by getting my hands on a

That’s right I was able to get my hands on an old ransom rest, it has a little character but it is in perfect working condition.
Of course me showing up to an indoor range with a ransom rest and clamping it to the bench drew a lot of on lookers. Little did I know there was a CCW class going on at the time back in the classroom with about 40 people in it. After getting all setup I turn around to get my already loaded magazines to find about 60 people crowded behind me watching. Now the pressure is on I hope my prized Ruger SR1911 doesn’t embarrass me. All targets were shot with my reloads
S&B Brass cases
Winchester Large Pistol Primers
Xtreme 230gr Ball Projectile
4.8grains of W231

I started out at 7 yards to see if I had everything clamped down and lined up appropriately, I didn’t want to start at 25 yards and print a 5inch group from an improper setup — I thought the SR1911 deserved better than that.

This first target was a 5 shot group at 7 yards. As you can see it printed a little high probably from my rest setup but it was dead on so I did not make any adjustments.

This next target is a 5 shot group at 15 yards. Again dead center but a tad high. I did notice this time after the 5th round was fired the slide did not lock to the rear so my loads are probably a little light for a 1911 which has less than 300 rounds through it.

Now for the ultimate test I put in a 25 yard slow fire pistol target. I used a green laser held against the barrel of the SR1911 to line up the ransom rest on the target. Had I been properly prepared I would have brought along a bore sight laser. I think the excitement of having a Ransom Rest to try had me just a little unprepared but the green laser on my key chain would assist.
This target is a 5shot group at 25 yards.

If you had to guess what would you say the size of this group is? Well let me see if I can help out with that.

That is an astounding 1.5inches at 25 yards.

This SR1911 now has 275 Rounds through the pipe with no malfunctions. I must say America is still capable of producing great products and this fully made in America Ruger SR1911 is proof. If you think you have to buy a race gun or a $1800 dollar 1911 to get 1.5inches at 25 yard groups think again. Ruger was late compared to it’s competitors entering the 1911 market, I suspect they were ensuring the product they produced would live up to Ruger quality and the 1911 nostalgia. The only negative of this range session was I had to allow at least 15 range patrons handle my SR1911 which made me a little late for my date with my beautiful wife, which didn’t go over so well with her but that’s another story for another time.

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  1. Mike Coonrod says:

    Nice report on the SR1911. However,most gun rags measure groups from center to center. In which case, your group would have measured 1.275. The Ruger is a great gun, and when or if they make it in 9mm or 38 Super, I might just have to buy one.


  2. admin says:

    I am aware Mike thanks for the comments. I measured like I did to try and alleviate criticism and any sort of bias those not familiar with proper measurements might think I have towards Ruger. Essentially posting worst case for this SR1911.

    I am also getting a few emails asking why am I amazed at 1.5inches at 25 yards. Because this production gun was classified as by Ruger and for my use as a defensive weapon. This meets my needs as anything past 25 yards I will be using my carbine or Long Gun.

  3. Anthony says:

    Now shoot it at 50 yards. That is where most handgun accuracy falls apart.

  4. admin says:

    I plan to when it is not 20 degrees out side and wind blowing left to right at 50mph. I can’t believe the winds we are getting this year. It was to cold to do this outside, my clubs indoor range only goes up to 25yards.

  5. Rick Benton says:

    I finally received my SR1911 after a 4 month wait. I have to agree this gun shoots as well as it looks. It really is fun to shoot.

  6. Jim Watson says:

    And most gunzine writers would disregard the “flyer” to the right and take credit for a one-hole X ring group. Was that odd shot the first? Some guns do that.

  7. admin says:

    The one flyer is the first shot.

  8. Mike Hoffman says:

    Thanks Pete…. I walked into the gun shop and Pete asked me what I was looking for. Itold him that I was shopping for a 1911. He asked how much do you want to spend I answered oh under $800. He walked me over to the counter and there was my gun. It was love at first sight. Pete was describing the features and it sounded like an adult in a Charlie Brown cartoon. All I know is that it is a thing of beauty. I have shota box of ammo through it at metal plates. The range varied from 7, 10, then 25 yards. It was bang/ping,bang/ping everytime. Don’t ask me how tight the group was cause I don’t know and don’t care. If you are bigger than an 8 inch plate you should run away.

  9. Bill says:

    Good job!! impressive targets indeed. Appreciate your willingness to brave the cold then share this report. For those of us that know, this requires a lot of work.

    As far as the snarky comments about 50 yard shooting, with 1.5″ groups at 25, oh never mind… thanks for the report, it was fun and very encouraging.

    Keep them coming Revolver Guy.

  10. beagler says:

    Thanks for the Sr1911 test. We appreciate you sharing.

  11. Redhawk says:

    You had great results! Mine, I am not so happy with. I am getting 2.5″ to 3″ 5 -shot groups off of sandbags at 25 yds. Sent it back to Ruger on their dime. They tested it in their Ransom Rest and got a 2.1″ 5-shot group at 15 yrds! They claim any SR1911 that will shoot under 3″ at 15 yrds. is to factory spec! I like the gun and want it to shoot so am going to try a EQW custom fit bushing and see if that helps. Otherwise I will sell.

  12. Redhawk says:

    Correction, that is an EGW custom fit bushing.

  13. Brian says:

    Thank you for the FAIR test of the SR1911. I read online at another site that called the accuracy very bad. Needless to say I will no longer look at that site since I cannot trust it.

  14. I found my test SR1911 to be very accurate.

    Thank you for the comment, we here at Day At The Range are committed to providing unbiased reviews.

  15. Marty says:

    Thanks for sharing this test. That is extremely good accuracy for any production pistol.

  16. There is a certain snob appeal to have a 2 to 5K custom 1911 and like some luxury car buyers, it becomes a personal image issue for some people; not all…. just some. I am very proud that American workers using American made parts made such a fine weapon for a reasonable price.Sometimes, one gets what one pays and sometimes, we all have paid too much for something only to be disappointed. For the price one pays for the Ruger, one can hardly be disappointed for such fine American workmanship.Now if they will make it in other calibers, Strum Ruger will find there is an eager customer base waiting.

  17. Tommy Hahn says:

    I happen to own all 3 of the SR1911’s, full size, commander and the LW commander. Only change I have made to them was I installed Pachmayr grips to them. I have found all three to be good shooters and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thanks for the ransom test and braving the cold. It’s nice to know that American products are just as good as the high priced imports or the high dollar custom pistols.

  18. Andrew says:

    This is a great test. It is, however, important to note the ammunition used was hand loaded.This tends to be more accurate/consistent then factory ammunition.

    For those not getting tight groups, consider handloading or switching ammunition.

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