Springfield Armory M1A and AR10 Accuracy Evaluation

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M1A Scope Mounting and Zero

Most of the family here at the reloaders network know how difficult it is to mount a scope on an M1A and get it to stay locked in place, well I am testing my luck and skill. I used a Springfield Armory mount and followed the instructions exactly. It is the first time I have ever had to use a rubber mallet for mounting a scope to a rifle, yes folks that to is in the instructions it does require a mallet. I wrote about my first range outing here https://dayattherange.com/?p=6571  to zero the rifle and then stretch it’s legs at 100 yards with my reloads.

M1A and AR10 Zero with Surplus Military Ammo

I was able to get some surplus 7.62 military ammo from a friend with the old military bandolier. Though my reloads are the standard M1A load with IMR4895, I noticed the surplus ammo had much less recoil especially in the AR10. There was not that much of a noticeable difference in recoil in the M1A. Even more interesting the AR10 proved to be accurate with both my reloads as seen in my written article as well as with the military surplus ball ammo. The M1A on the other hand proved to like my reloads and shot much better at 100 yards with my reloads but didn’t seem to exhibit great accuracy with the surplus ammo.

Short Fun Video

Stay tuned for more video’s as I stretch the legs of both rifles with the military surplus ammunition at 100 and 200 yards. I do understand this is a rather short distance, but anything further requires a 3 hour drive on my part, though I do hope to get both of these out to 600 yards minimal.

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