Speeds, Feeds and Ballistics 40S&W — I Shot My Chronograph

| April 24, 2019 | 1 Comments

Another episode of Speeds, Feeds and Ballistics this time with 40S&W. Much like the first video of testing 10MM through a pistol and carbine we put 40S&W through the same test. But this time I have a little bit of a surprise for everyone and no it is not the fact that I shot my chronograph.

So what do you think is the ideal barrel length for 40S&W? Leave your comments below.

Stay tuned to dayattherange.com for the 9mm comparison

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1 Comment on "Speeds, Feeds and Ballistics 40S&W — I Shot My Chronograph"

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  1. Bill says:

    DUDE! you shot your Chrono! lol

    I am really happy with barrels from 4.5″ (glockish) to 5 (1911ish) and I like 165s
    but 180 are ok too ..

    Great video .. I got a good chuckle .. anyone who has use their Chrono much .. had to get a big grin !

    Thanks for sharing

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