Speeds, Feeds and Ballistics–10MM Slugfest: Speer Gold Dot 200gr 10MM & Federal HST 200gr 10MM

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Speeds Feeds and Ballistics

At the 2018 Shot Show Speer released its 200gr 10MM ammunition. Over the past year it has received mixed reviews. Fanatics of 10MM have seen this ammo as nothing more than what 40S&W is capable of. Speer has seen a lot of positive press as well, this 10MM ammunition delivering the right depth of penetration for personal protection that?s capable of being suppressed.

At the 2019 Shot Show Federal released its 200gr 10MM ammunition claiming to be the 10MM ammunition of choice for self defense. Federal advertises this ammunition to reach speeds of 1130fps. The HST locked jacketed core is advertised to retain 100% of its weight even after passing through barriers.

To test reliability I fired 20 rounds of each brand through a Springfield XDM 4.5 10MM and Kriss Vector Carbine 10MM. The Speer Gold Dot felt really weak in the Kriss Vector and failed to cycle it 3 times out of 40 Shots. The Federal HST was flawless at 100% reliability.

See the video for complete details and visit https://dayattherange.com for reviews of the Springfield XDM and Kriss Vector Carbine in 10MM and don’t forget to visit the 10MM Loading Depot where other factory and 10MM reloads are tested and cataloged.

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