Speeding Up The Reloading Process

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I have always looked at every opportunity to speed up reloading processes outside of operating the press. Trimming and brass sorting is very time consuming. After getting my trimming process down I started to look at brass sorting, there just had to be a better way. Low and behold there sure is.

22lr for my first 5 Gallon bucket sort 100% ended up in the trash bin where they are supposed to be. 380&9mm end up in the same container and requires manual sorting just like 38/357. I just sorted all my 38/357 away from everything else in a mixed 5 gallon bucket in 18minutes this time includes the manual sorting of 38&357 from the same bin. I am sure to sort this 5 gallon bucket by hand would have taken me 12 to 20 hours. I have done it before over a number of weeks. I usually do loading in the winter time so in the summer I take all range brass I bring home and just dump it in a 5 gallon bucket. I use to try to keep them sorted at the range but I found myself spending more time doing that than focused on training or shooting it takes the fun out of things. This is what happens when your kids leave home or do not enjoy sorting brass anymore.?

This is why the sorter comes in handy, I am halfway through this mixed bucket in 6 minutes.

This is a sort with the 45ACP/44Magnum/50AE&500S&W tray. I can only see 1 piece of brass in the wrong bucket.

This is the finished product from only completing a quarter of one bucket. Clean 38special & 357Magnum Brass



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