SK High Velocity Match: Barrel Length and Velocity Down Range

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I was able to get my hands on the brand new SK High Velocity match ammunition. In all my my years of shooting 22LR high velocity and match was not something you used in the same sentence. Though with SK and the quality of their 22LR lineup I was willing to give it a try. This ammunition was made in Germany and developed for PRS and NRL22 courses of fire.

Data Gathering

Not only did I want to see what accuracy I would achieve with this ammunition. I wanted to make sure I had captured sound results, by trying this ammunition in 3 different rifles all with different barrel lengths. Christensen Arms Ranger 22 16in barrel, Lithgow LA101 20in barrel and a CZ455 Trainer with a 24in barrel. 

This time I wanted to place the chronograph down range to see if these rounds would make the transition from Supersonic to subsonic before reaching the target. This was an important piece of data for me as this transition can often cause instability in the projectile. 

I have also read from many experts that the ideal length for a 22lr barrel is 18inches. After that it is believed that the extra length in barrel starts to slow velocity.

Testing Specifications

All Groups Shot At 50 Yards
Wind Gust 10-15Mph West South West
63 Degrees
Chronograph placed in front of the target at 50 yards
SK High Velocity Match 1263fps as printed in SK literature


Pictures are worth a thousand words right so video has to be even better 






Ranger22 Velocity Numbers



Lithgow Velocity Numbers



Trainer Velocity Numbers



By the numbers and the graphs above it would seem this ammunition is continuing to pick up velocity even in the 24in barrel of the CZ455. Though I was shocked that the ammo had made the transonic transition by the time it reached the target at 50 yards. Though could this potentially have been caused by the wind? Interesting sure enough.


Not sure if I could have expected better on such a windy day, though the SK High Velocity proved to be a bit better than the Federal Gold Medal High Velocity Match I previously tested. Both are in the same price range.



Lithgow101 turned in the smallest group of the day at 0.718in
CZ455 Trainer had the second best group at 0.827in
Ranger 22 had the third best group at 0.875in

The Average MOA for all rifles was 1.64MOA

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  1. The 24 inch barrel is the most constant on paper and on the conograph.

  2. charlie irby says:

    Outstanding collection of viable data Eli … wish I was as talented with these computers as you Young’Bucks are!
    There needs to be a lengthy conversation & lotz of testing done with these rounds that are traveling between .82 & 1.3 MACH …as I believe we are ‘tickling’ that pressure wave and getting buffeted because of that.

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