Sig226 X5 Original Ransom Rest Accuracy

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Family Fight Round 1

Recently I completed some Dan Wesson DWX Accuracy testing, and thought maybe it was the most refined and accurate pistol I had ever shot. My brother Darrell calmly asked are you sure what about the Sig 226 X5 Original from West Germany.

A Confused State Of Mind

Oh my goodness I totally forgot about this thing he has had hidden in the back of the safe. We know it is from West Germany not only because he has been the sole owner. It also has the nitro proof marks and Exeter stamped on the frame of the pistol. Great we have a pistol no doubt made for competition in it’s day with it’s flared magazine well, fully adjustable rear sight and serrated front sight to ring out extreme accuracy and make it fairly easy for double tap follow up shots.


I suspect that the hand fit 5in 9mm match grade bull barrel is much more responsible for this pistol accuracy than it’s sights. The OG SigX5 comes with 2 17 round magazines and ambidextrous safety. The trigger is SAO with a 2lb trigger weight measured by an RCBS trigger gauge. 

Time To Settle The Score

Now having handled both pistols how would I rate them.

  1. Fit and Finish – The fit and finish on both pistols are outstanding. The frame to slide fit is very well done. I expected both pistols to be very tight or hard to rack the slide but both were very smooth. Though I give the Dan Wesson DWX the edge in this category as the dark finish with the red accents of the skeletonized trigger and grips make this thing EYE POPPING. 


    The all-stainless steel flared magwell fits seamlessly into the overall design of the OG SigX5 offering a larger area for quick reloads on the range or in competition. Unfortunately for the DWX you must utilize an after market magwell with shorter grips to get the same feature functionality. Well done Sig. Even more impressive the Sig came with this design in 2010.

  3. Sights – The sights for both pistols help to drive extreme accuracy out of both pistols. Even though the DWX comes with a fiber optic front sight, the rear sight of the OG SigX5 has much more positive clicks for adjustments. Both rear sights are adjustable for elevation and windage, the SigX5 has better positive clicks. Making this category a tie.

With the score dead even the only way to break the tie is with accuracy testing and the only way to be for sure is to use a Ransom Rest from The DWX with it’s origin of the CZ75 made finding grips very easy just by calling up Ransom and to my surprise the X5 being a 226 they also had those grips in stock as well.

My Time On The Range Accuracy Testing

My time on the range with both pistols were fantastic. I experienced no hiccups at all and both brought a huge smile to my face. Both pistols shot very flat because of their weight and being chambered in 9mm. Though both have different ergonomics they feel natural and at home in my hands making them easy to shoot accurately. The controls were very easy to reach and operate. 

I guess the only way to break the tie is to lock the OG SigX5 into the Ransom Rest.


Testing Results

As you have now seen both pistols were shot at 25yards with 10 rounds of Federal 124gr HST JHP. With the Ransom Rest it is appropriate to fire at minimal 5 settling rounds. So the one flier seen with the DWX makes it’s group size 2.5in. Without the flier group size is 1.4in.


The OG SigX5 with the exact same ammunition turned in a group size of 0.636


I Don’t Think This Is Over

Some how I don’t think this is over by a long shot. I think we need to get both of these men on the range and have them shoot both on the timer and tell us what they think about them. 

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