Sig Sauer 1911 TTT Range Review

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All 1911’s need custom gunsmith work out of the box to work reliably. 1911?s have an ill-deserved reputation for being picky about feeding ammunition ?out of the box? And so most believe in the 1911 community that the first thing one must do with a new 1911 is to send it off to a gunsmith for expensive reliability tuning. In fact with the proper ammunition, .45ACP 230gr FMJ hardball most any 1911 on the market today would be capable of high reliability and 2.5″ groups at 25 yards out of the box in my humble opinion. A .45 ACP has so much knock down power it will knock an assailant clean off his feet with one shot. Though the .45ACP delivers plenty of energy to its intended target shot placement is most important. With advance technology in bullet construction even 9mm is capable of stopping a violent attacker with one well-placed shot. I grew up hearing many stories and myths like these above and there are many more myths floating around about the 1911 but one thing that’s certainly undeniable is its notorious status. The 1911 are over 100 years old and continue to be a highly respected reliable and tactical weapon. In the right gunsmith hands a 1911 would be capable of .5″ groups at 50 yards. Sig Sauer has been around since 1853 but is fairly young to producing 1911?s, which started around 2004 with the Sig GSR lineage. But today I am here to inspect one of Sig’s most highly spit and polished 1911’s the Sig Sauer 1911 TTT.

Though Sig added many features to this 1911 it retains its classic look and traditional lines. The Sig 1911 TTT sports a two-tone 1911 with Nitron? slide and black controls on a Natural Stainless frame. The most controversial features would be the updated safety features of the firing pin safety and hammer intercept notch. These features were not included in John Moses Browning original design and neither was its external extractor though its well documented that Mr. Browning went to an external extractor in one of his later designs.

Other great features included on this 1911 are 25-line per inch checkering on the front strap ? while the mainspring housing has 20-line per inch checkering ? and both the frame and slide are de-horned for comfortable full-size carry, a match grade barrel, hammer/sear set and trigger, beveled magazine well and topped off with a set of beautiful Burl wood grips. The 1911 TTT also features a beavertail grip safety with speed bump for a high grip, extended thumb safety and the mainspring housing sports a blued finish and a lanyard loop. The all stainless steel frame and slide of the Triple T machined to exacting tolerances and hand-fitted to insure reliability and performance.

Dirty Wilson grease shown after 75 rounds of 45ACP having been fired through the Sig 1911 TTT. Also notice the rear sight is combat styled, adjustable for windage and elevation. It sports a green horizontal bar directly under the notch that’s classified by Sig as a night sight. The special rear sight is snag proof by way of a melting process.

The Sig 1911 TTT also sports a match grade barrel.

The front sight carries a small white dot visible in any shooting situation day or night time shooting.

Placing the line under the front dot presents a unique and distinctive sight picture for easy acquisition in day or nighttime use.

On the range the Sig 1911 TTT performed very well. All rounds were my reloads loaded W231 and 230GR hardball Xtreme plated bullets.
First thing I wanted to test was combat reliability and accuracy. The two 8 round magazines it was delivered with was loaded with 5 rounds each target placed at 10 yards and shots were fired as quickly as a good sight picture could be acquired.

Next course of fire would consist of 8 rounds fired at 15 yards in deliberate slow fire with two hand unassisted hold.

With such great accuracy at short distances I could not wait to try my hand at 25 yards with this pistol. With 5 rounds loaded and target at the 25 yards line my front sight crystal clear at a 6 o’clock hold on a blurry target I let the first round fly, was it luck or a flyer being the first round because it landed dead center but did not group with the other 4 shots. Maybe I should have stopped while I was ahead.

Caliber 45 ACP
Action Type SAO
Trigger Pull DA N/A
Trigger Pull SA 5 lbs
Overall Length 8.7 in
Overall Height 5.5 in
Overall Width 1.4 in
Barrel Length 5.0 in
Sight Radius 6.5 in
Weight w/Mag 41.6 oz
Mag Capacity 8 Rounds
Sights Adjustable Combat Night Sights
Grips Burled Maple Grips
Frame Finish Stainless
Slide Finish Nitron?
Accessory Rail No
Features Beavertail Grip Safety
CA Compliant Yes
MA Compliant Yes

RATINGS (out of five stars)

Accuracy: * * * * *
I rated this 1911 with superb accuracy. Anything which allows me to hold such a tight group at 25 yards with an unassisted hold is definitely deserving. Before it gets to cold I will try to get back out to the range with the 1911 TTT to test it with my ransom rest.

Ergonomics: * * * * *
The grip of the 1911 makes for perfect balance, leading to quick sight alignment and sight picture making it possibly the best fighting handgun of all time.

Reliability: * * * * *
Reliability has been perfect up to 200 rounds which has been fired through this 1911 which includes some of my SWC .45ACP reloads. Those that reload or know what a SWC profile bullet is know this is a troublesome load to get to reliably feed in a 1911. I also used a number of different magazines, ACT, Chip McCormick, Tripp Research and standard military issue colt 1911 magazines and all functioned 100%

Overall Rating: * * * * *
The Sig 1911 TTT with its unique features like its rear sight and hand tight fitted slide to frame fit has delivered perfect reliability and outstanding accuracy earning its way to a perfect 5 stars.

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14 Comments on "Sig Sauer 1911 TTT Range Review"

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  1. jp says:

    “A .45 ACP has so much knock down power it will knock an assailant clean off his feet with one shot. ”

    Is this a joke?

  2. JP,

    Those statements are what I call attention getters. Further reading will lead you to know that these were myths I was refering to when writing this article. See below

    “Though the .45ACP delivers plenty of energy to its intended target shot placement is most important. With advance technology in bullet construction even 9mm is capable of stopping a violent attacker with one well-placed shot. I grew up hearing many stories and myths like these above and there are many more myths floating around about the 1911 but one thing that?s certainly undeniable is its notorious status.

  3. SATAN says:

    hahaha….hey, does that mean that all of those p245’s, 220’s and the other sig p- series .45’s dont match up……a .45 is a .45…….funny that when they came out we heard about how safe and reliable they were compared to the “ancient boat anchor” 1911’s. now its all about the retro 1911’s and how sig revolutionized them…..give me a break…..its like watching QVC…..whatever is being shown is the BEST…..5 minutes later its something else…..hey sig, dont shoot yourself in the foot!

  4. If you don’t own a 1911 TTT then how can you even comment about it. Even shooting someone else’s TTT Will not be as precise as your own, due to sight set up. I own this “anchor” as some call it and it shoots oh so fine! I use a 1911A2 in the Army; even with Ball rounds it was a reliable weapon. Saved my ass a few times! So if you’re in the market for an under a thousand dollar weapon, classic, deadly and so smooth to shoot, this would be your best buy.

  5. john L says:

    I can only speak for my S&W 1911, which I had worked on at S&W and a 3lb trigger pull added for comp. It hammers nails at 10-15 yards as accurate as any of my many comp guns (all calibers) that I have used in comp over the past 40 years. The 45 ACP is the man! Bullet placement in the right spot, which is the most important part with any caliber, can certainly take a man down with one shot such as a .357, .41 or .44 mag will do but they are uncomfortable to shoot. The .45 ACP has it all. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Mark says:

    Absolutely beautiful piece and a great review. I need to find a TTT for myself.

  7. Kirk says:

    I have own several Sigs, but I have to say that the last 45acp was the 1911 SS rail in 45acp.
    It has around 1000 rounds through it and that includes FMJ AND a asortment of JHP’S rounds, all 230 grain.
    I have yet to have any feed or eject issues and the acurracy is 5 Star.
    My carry sidearm is still my P220 in 45acp.
    Both IMO rate in the top 5 for the money.
    Also own Glock, Xd,’S&W, Ruger all In semi auto’s.

  8. b says:

    I usually have 3 to 4 ftf’ s every action shoot, usually around 100 rnds. Also have issues with the slide not locking back on the last round on almost every magazine with factory mags. I really want to like this pistol but I don’t trust it at this point. My p220 is next to my bed and will eat anything I load it with. After almost 1000 rnds my TTT has been a major disappointment.

  9. Jay says:

    Just purchased a TTT after looking a long time at various 9mm and .45 pistol makes and models. Admittedly, choices are limited here in California. I must also admit that I have a soft spot for the 1911 from my competition shooting days in the Navy many, many years ago. I have put 250 rounds through it so far without a single hiccup using both 8 round magazines. Rounds were Winchester’s Service Grade 230 Gr. FMJ along with a box of Speer’s 230 Gr. Gold Dot JHP. The quality of construction, features included, smoothness of action and accuracy all combined make it a very fine weapon. I have no regrets so far.

  10. Noa says:

    It’s 2019. I’ve had this TTT for a couple thousand rounds. When a meth head comes into my home, this little honey will work. The first time I shot her, I was so excited I forgot to put on my ears…I almost went deaf… a powerful gun. Happy.

  11. Bullgumbeaux says:

    Love my TTT. Have had it for 7-9 years. No hiccups at all – feeds factory and reloads. Extremely accurate and comfortable to shoot. I love the feel of the checkering on the straps and the smooth burled maple wood grips.

    Would recommend heartily to anyone looking for their first and perhaps only 1911.

  12. Junior High says:

    Robert De Niro used the Colt 1911. 45 APC in the movie Ronin and took out a sniper if I remember correctly. if it was good enough for De Niro, I?m sure it?s good enough for me. That Sig Sauer model TTT is hot looking pistol.

  13. ALLLIBSMUSTDIE!!! says:

    LOL – Bobby Deniro is a full-on Liberal Gun-Hating POS! It’s a miracle that his raging TDS hasn’t metastasized and ended his pathetic existence.

  14. Noa says:

    I was so excited to shoot my TTT, I forgot to put on my ears. I’ve had tinnitus ever since. Not trying to be funny, stupid rookie mistake. This 45 is scary, it won’t knock a dude over, it’ll blow a hole in the bad guy.

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