SeeAll Open Sight Range Evaluation

| January 3, 2016 | 3 Comments

The SeeAll open sight has been on the market for a few years now but I have never seen one in person. As luck would have a friend of mine would acquire one and gave me the honor of putting it through the paces on the range. The concept for the seeall open sight is one that combine the speed of iron sights and visibility of fiber optic sights. It really isn’t or can’t be classified as a scope because there is no magnification.

The mounting of the system was really easy it just slides into place over just about any rail. I conducted most of my evaluation with a GSG5, though I did fit the sight to a Browning Buckmark and an Aggressor AR15 upper. This is one of the features I really like about the seeall open sight once in place you use the supplied allen wrench to tighten the two screws in the top and you don’t have to worry about parallax. Good cheek well or not, where ever you have the arrow pointed your rounds are sure to impact. This unit does not need any batteries which my immediate thought turned to very limited use in scenarios where there is less than ideal light. I did conduct some initial testing in the dark and low light and to my surprise I could still see the black pyramid aiming apparatus. Once I turned on my 325 lumen light the sight looked much like I was outside on a bright sunny day. So this sight can be used ?in house clearing, self-defense like situations.

I spent two days on the range during this evaluation. On the first day the better part of it was getting the windage and elevation adjusted. Upon reading the instructions it is very clear that you should not turn the windage knob more than three full turns as it will remove itself from the housing. I would really prefer for the sight to have positive windage clicks, instead it is a smooth turn operation which gave me concern about the sight staying true or maintaining its zero while firing. This also takes a little more time to true the sight to your weapon. On the second day with 338 rounds down range the sight held its zero and proved to be very accurate for a sight with no magnification.

All in all a neat concept, I am shocked that more manufacturers aren’t producing like products.

Seeall? ?completely designed and manufactured within the United States.


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3 Comments on "SeeAll Open Sight Range Evaluation"

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  1. Brett says:

    Great review and pictures. I mounted one on my new build.

  2. R. Mershon says:

    Its a really interesting concept, what kind of effect does parallax shift have? Would cheek placement be as forgiving as an Aimpoint?

  3. Brett says:

    It’s almost as forgiving as an aimpoint. The placement of the sight is critical to me. The closer to your eye, the smaller the black pyramid. I like it small. It seems more precise. On the other hand, when placed further from your eye, the pyramid is larger. It seems faster. It’s neat to play with.

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