Savage MKII TR Cabela’s Covenant5 First Outing

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From The Store Directly To The Range

I have now received a few emails about the difference on target between factory and heavily modified or built 22LR bolt actions. I really loved the way the last question was phrase is the difference in accuracy that big of a deal or what can I expect for something factory to get started with for family fun and local matches. I did not seek to build the cheapest I could find but I did want to keep the price range to $700.

Why $700 you ask, well I wanted to build or put together something that was half the price of what my buddy Josh has branded “The Best Precision 22LR For The Money in 2023” and see if it could still be competitive. 

Josh shooting his CZ457 MTR


The Build: Savage MKII TR Cabela’s Covenant5 Scope

The base of this build starts with a Savage MKII TR it sports a 22in heavy fluted barrel that’s nicely finished with a heavy target bolt. The Savage MKII TR is drilled and tapped and comes with a set of scope mounts already mounted. The Savage MKII sports what Savage has branded the Accutrigger and on this rifle is 2 1/2 pounds average across 5 trigger pulls. PS never dry fire a rimfire get yourself some snap caps or use a fired case. For optics, my first time trying the Cabela’s brand is a Covenant5 5-25X power 30MM tube and 56mm objective mounted in a set of metal and very sturdy Hi Cabela scope rings. There is one caveat to this scope, even though it says lifetime warranty on the box. There is speculation that since Bass Pro Shop purchased Cabela’s they do not honor the warranty. It all sits in a textured black Boyd’s Tacticool Stock with action screws tightened to 18in pounds front and rear. I truly hope this shoots better than how I budget as the build did come in a little over at $708 but that includes everything. Though I do want to give Cabela’s a big shout out for their Veterans Day specials and discounts. I am not sure how I have missed it all these years, but as long as I am able Veterans Day will include a trip to Cabela’s from now one. Yes the scope was heavily discounted. I originally thought I would end up with a true rimfire 3×9 scope.

Test Ammunition

To get the budget build going I decided to to shoot it with what I could find on the shelf in Cabela’s. Interesting enough I was able to find plenty of CCI SV and only a few boxes of SK Standard Plus. I only purchase 1 box of each. 22LR Rifles tend to be very picky about accuracy performance  based upon the ammunition used, requiring specific lot testing to ring out the best.

It can also be critical to lay down a base coat of lube in the barrel with your specific brand of ammo often referred to as seasoning the barrel. I fired 10 shots of each ammo before taking a 5 shot group for score with the rifle mounted on a Ransom Rifle Master Rest.

Ammunition Results

CCI SV Actually performed as I expected a little over 1in.

Then I moved on to SK Standard Plus. Firing 10 rounds then 5 rounds for score. Though I have had good luck with this ammo in the past I actually did not expect it to perform this well turning in .380in size group.

My range bag can be like a Christmas tree at times you never know what’s in it. There is always a box or two of ammo I did not shoot or clean out when I get back home from the range. Low and behold I had a box of Lapua Center X.

The Center X turned in a .322in size group. 

Let’s Shoot The Savage MKII TR and Covenant5 Scope

As long as I do my part this seems to not be doing to bad and I hope the more rounds I put thru it the more consistent this setup becomes. 

The ultimate question is should I put this one in the Oryx Chassis that I have or just leave it?

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  1. Jesse says:

    Great article! I’ve got a savage mk2 that’s been rebarreled with a kidd. Original fluted barrel had some tolerance issues. Wouldn’t shoot under 3/4” at 50 yards with anything. I live in the Dayton area as well awesome to see the channel doing well!!

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