Savage 10TR Update #3 Yankee Hill Suppressor

| October 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

This is the third update I have posted on this rifle. Each time with a slightly different configuration and ammunition.
No real commentary in this post other than groups seem to be tightening up and this was a blast without the noise.
This is a Yankee Hill Flash Hider, this is needed to screw on their .30cal Yankee Hill Phantom Suppressor

I did shoot two groups with just the flash hider to see how it would perform.
100 Yards

I then let the barrel cool and added the suppressor.

The groups opened up a bit with the suppressor on. Though I was amazed at the lack of sound. It is much quieter than when we have shot it on AR10’s, most likely due to the lack of action movement compared to that of the AR variances.

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