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I just last week picked up the Ruger LCP at my gun dealer. I went into his shop for an entirely different reason, but saw the LCP in the case and couldn?t resist. I had been toying around with the idea of picking one up for some time. I wanted it to fill the small niche where clothing, or lack thereof prevents me from carrying. The real reason I guess I didn?t get one earlier, is that I had only seen one in person once. Unfortunately that ?one? was being purchased.

The first thing anyone would notice about the LCP is it?s size. This thing is barley any bigger than my Blackberry. It?s obviously a deep concealment gun. Its sole purpose is for self-defense. This is not a range gun. (well maybe for oompa loompa) The LCP is actually about the same size as my AMT back-up, but less than half the weight. It fits right at home in the pocket as well.

Glass filled nylon frame, blued steel slide. The LCP features a ?view hole? to determine if a round is chambered, Glock style extractor, and a slide stop. The addition of the slide stop one up?s its closest competitor the Kel-Tec P-3AT.

The LCP makes its cousin, the P-3AT look like the ugly duckling. The LCP is a much better looking firearm. Ruger took the time to give the LCP an appealing exterior. The design cues include the ?LCP? engraved into the slide, and Rugers Logo set into the grip panel. Taking into consideration the fact that the LCP is mostly of a polymer composition, The gun fits together well and the tolerances are tight.

Put 50 flawless rounds downrange today. No miss-feeds or, misfire?s. Honestly, I expected a miss-feed, a double feed, or a stovepipe. I guess that?s just my experience with my AMT giving me a biased opinion of mouse guns.

The recoil of the LCP is a bit snappy. After firing a couple rounds I realized my trigger finger was starting to take a beating. After firing a round the recoil would force the bottom of the trigger guard into the bottom of my trigger finger. Not unbearable, but not comfortable either. Your very aware that your shooting an ultra compact with the LCP. I would recommend practicing often enough to stay proficient, because I doubt you?ll be bringing this to the range for fun. Being that my personal stock of .380 ball had diminished, and I couldn?t find it anywhere, I settled on burning up some Winchester Ranger SXT?s.

The accuracy of the LCP surprised me as well. You don?t expect such a small pistol to be able to maintain a tight group, but I felt that its accuracy was outstanding. The integrated sights are not the greatest, (especially when shooting against targets with black back grounds), but high contrast sight paint can change that . Having traditional sights on this gun would be a waste, and take away from its pocket carrying characteristics.


I wish the slide locked back on an empty magazine, but that would add parts, subsequently adding to the size of the LCP. That being said, I can understand why Ruger didn?t attempt to cover that base. The recoil is a little harsh, but is to be expected when containing a small explosion in a gun that weighs in just over half a pound.

I have to hand it to Ruger on this one. They did a good job sans the recall. I?m pleased with my purchase and will be carrying the LCP as a BUG and in the hot summer months. The LCP is right at home in your pants pocket. Front or back for that matter. Hell, you could tuck this thing in your sock and probably forget that its there. If your looking for a ultra compact for any occasion, and a company like Ruger to back it up, give the LCP a shot.

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  1. Ruger LCP says:

    How do you feel about having your pinky finger dangle off the bottom of the Ruger LCP? I can’t get used to it coming from full size pistols.

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