Ruger American Ranch Rifle:300Blackout

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Since it’s introduction in January of 2011, the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge has been of interest to me, mainly because of it’s versatility and my fondness of reloading. So much so I have dedicated a lot of time, energy and space on this blog covering this cartridge. I have developed many loads and continue to add to the database as time permits. I must say this has been a fun little cartridge to reload and test with.

The fun all but came to a halt when Ruger announced the introduction of the Ruger American Ranch Rifle chambered for 300 Blackout in 2014, a full 2 years after the release of the Ruger American. I just had to have one, little did I know it was going to take 3 years of waiting, being on 7 dealers waiting list for 9 months after the 300Blackout was finally released in 2014 only by coincidence to finally be able to lay my eyes on one. Darrell who is more like a brother than a friend asked me some two weeks ago if I wanted to visit a few shops. Not knowing where we were headed he surprised me and we ended up in a new shop. One of which neither of us had been in before. First thing that came to mind, head to the counter and ask if they have seen the ever so elusive Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 300 Blackout or for short the RARR 300Blkout. The dealer begins to tell me oh yeah just sold one this morning, may have even been my last one. You have no idea how bummed I began to feel knowing I was just that close. The clerk headed to the back and stayed for about 10 minutes, honestly I thought he had forgotten about me. I also knew this was a sign of disappointment, and as luck would have it he emerged empty handed. We stood and talked for a few minutes about the abilities of this cartridge and his fascination for wildcat cartridges. He then said hold on I can’t believe we are out, he asked the manager and he went back and within seconds emerged with a white box labeled Ruger American Ranch Rifle. At that moment I thought to myself no way this could be true. He handed me the box I immediately looked at the box for the model number as I wanted the 6968 version which has the longer pull. Sure enough, this is what gold miners must feel like when they find massive gold nuggets.


Getting model 6968 was very important to me. Darrell has been so kind to allow me to shoot his Micro 7 and the length of pull was just to short for me.

Darrell later on would upgrade his stock to an aluminum bedded Bell and Carson stock, it would feel and shoot like a new rifle. It would only increase my urge to get my hands on the Ruger.

Searching for what I was beginning to believe was a unicorn, I quickly went through the list of components I had memorized after all this time and began to gather everything I needed to get this rifle on the range this same day.

The RARR Rifle Equipment List:
RARR 300Blkout Rifle
3-9×50 Vortex Crossfire II
Weaver Six Hole Tactical Style Rings
Darrell has a trained eye for high quality/collectible firearms and great deals. He found a new Ruger bag neither of us had seen before, it would be the perfect mate for this rifle and I didn’t think twice about it.


The only thing to do now is rush home — like a kid at Christmas and mount the optics, grab some Factory Remington 220gr subsonic rounds, some of my 220gr subsonic reloads and run a few soaked patches down the bore. This would be a frantic race as thunderstorms were headed my way and it was beginning to get dark.

Imagine the excitement when the first 5 shots of Factory Remington 220gr ammunition from the rifle at 50 yards would group like this.


Notice the water on the target, a little shower would come through and lightening would cause a cease fire. Most everyone would pack up and leave I decided after looking at the weather map on my phone that this storm would soon be over and waited. Sure enough 10 minutes later the sun was brightly shining and humidity was high.

Being the only one on the range I decided to setup my chronograph. Ten shots later, I was even more excited. To think, in my frustration of finding a RARR in 300Blkout I was beginning?to seriously consider getting a Remington 700 in 300Blkout or a single shot Hanid Rifle in 300Blkout.


Rifle Barrel Length Gas Tube Length Ammunition – Powder-Manual COAL Bullet Weight/Bullet Type Velocity FPS Average Velocity FPS ES SD Group Size Weather Conditions Bolt Lock Back
RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A Remington 220gr Factory 220gr 1028 1018 40 16 1.149 65 Degrees N/A
Hi 1033
Low 993
RARR 300BlackOut 16′ 1/7 Twist N/A Reload A1680-11.3gr – Hornady #9 2.175 220gr Sierra Match King 1044 1057 60 25 0.805 65 Degrees N/A
Low 1023
Hi 1083

Unfortunately for me the day would end here as a more serious storm would roll through with serious lightening causing me to pack up and leave for the day.

Stay tuned there is more to come. I would begin to accessorize, complete a trigger job and fire 12 different loads across the chronograph, including loads from a well known firearm company who recently decided to get into ammunition manufacturing.


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  1. Mike says:

    I own one of these little rifles. It’s very light, handy, and accurate and a joy to handle. However, I will not recommend this rifle because of the horrific feeding problems with the magazine. Using any type of ammo from Rem Factory to my reloads, this magazine jams 2-3 times every 5 round mag. I have never seen a Ruger rifle perform so poorly before. Most of the time, I have to turn the rifle on it’s back to try to get it to feed. Still no luck. The Rifle is wonderful except for it’s magazine problems which render it unusable. I’m going to trade it for a Rem 700 SPS 300 BLK. The are much heavier but at least they are usable…..Shame on you Ruger for NOT fixing this magazine problem.

  2. Mike says:

    The Rem 700 SPS 300 BLK shoots supers well at 200 yds. Cheap Hornady 150 Gr. FMJBT and Lil Gun at 2000 fps groups 2 in or less at 200 yds. I’m confident better bullets would half that. Subs using 125 Gr Nosler black tips and 4.4 gr Trail Boss are 3/4 in at 50 yds but are literally quieter than an air rifle…. Quieter than a hand clap. It’s Pretty unbelievable. AND THE RIFLE FEEDS ITS AMMO.

  3. Mike says:

    Let me add I use a Silencerco Omega silencer to get the quiet.

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