Ruger American Ranch Rifle 300BLACKOUT Part3: Chronograph Testing

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If you happen to believe in the 300 Blackout or not there is one thing for sure, it’s growth and popularity has continually been on the rise. Most popular is it’s use in subsonic applications with SBR’s and suppressors. Almost?every ammo manufacturer is loading this ?close relative of the 300 Whisper in multiple offerings to fit just about every scenario. Even new comers like Sig have tooled up to produce a 300 Blackout offering.

It is not the factory ammunition that gains my interest, being an avid long time reloader it is the versatility of the 300Blackout especially when reloaded that has captured my full attention, so much so that I have dedicated a full reloading page to this cartridge — six pages of information.

When paired with the Ruger American Ranch Rifle in 300 Blackout, testing has proved to be some of the most fun I have had on the range in a while. To date the 300 Blackout hasn’t proved to be as accurate as some of my 223 or 308 loadings but the thrill of the chase has been very rewarding and with ammunition producers like Sig and handloads produced with 220gr Sierra Match Kings on top of A1680 powder, things are starting to look really positive. Sig’s first 300 Blackout offering begins with a 125gr and 220gr loads.



For those of you following along on this 300 Blackout Journey know most of my testing has been completed at 50 yards. Why 50 yards you ask? I hope to get this setup out on a hog hunt soon and my comfort level for this application is clean shots made in the 50 to 75yard range. The groups from the Sig ammunition were so impressive I decided to test loads immediately at 100 yards and was very surprised at the results. There were no malfunctions and proved to be accurate.

The Sig 220gr offering proved to be just as reliable and turned in better groups in the Ruger America Ranch Rifle than any other factory ammunition. This loading to my amazement came closer in group size to my 220grSMK-A1680 load. In this particular testing session we did have some Hornady and Remington Subsonic loads on hand. All subsonic ammunition was tested for the first time utilizing an Osprey Supressor.

Though really impressed with the factory Sig ammunition I could barely contain the excitement behind seeing how these new loads would perform. Just as with the factory ammunition these loads would follow the same testing criteria outlined when I first started this dedicated 300 Blackout page. 50yard groups with a chronograph 7 yards from the muzzle of the firearm.

Loads Tested:

125gr SST – 18gr Lilgun
110gr Nosler – 19.5gr Lilgun
220gr Sierra Match King – 11.5gr H4198
208gr Hornady AMAX – 11gr H4198
245 Missouri Bullet – 11gr H4198
203gr Palmetto Bullet – 9.7gr A1680
150gr Hornady – 15.5gr H110
Hornady Whisper Factory 208gr
Remington 220gr Factory
125gr SST – 17.5gr IMR4227
150gr Hornady – 18gr A5744
220gr Sierra Match King – 11.3gr A1680

The most accurate load of the day was with my reloads of Nosler’s 110gr on top of 19.5gr of Lilgun, it was capable of a 0.751 group. The most accurate subsonic load of the day was the 220gr Sierra Match King on top of 11.3gr of A1680 at 0.805.

The rest of the test ammunition averaged 0.8 to 1.7in center to center. The chronograph data for these loads have been added to my 300Blackout Journey Info here. The Ruger American Ranch Rifle has proven to be very versatile, not very picky about the ammo you feed it and most of all very FUN! I have added some Ruger accessories in preparation of getting this rifle out on a hog hunt soon.

Stay safe, have fun on your next dayattherange.


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