Ruger Alaskan: A Powerful Snub Nose with Classy Grips

| December 26, 2014 | 1 Comments

Enough has been said and written about the Ruger Alaskan. If you happen to be looking for a review here is one I wrote a few years back on this same revolver, Ruger Alaskan 454 Powerhouse Review.

This is just a thank you from me to my wife for a fantastic Christmas gift in this season of giving. It is obvious this woman knows a good looking man when she see’s one ( kidding I am humbled, blessed and fortunate she tolerates me) if not in men she has great taste in everything else and she has out done herself going out on a limb for me on her own to surprise me with a classy pair of grips.


Boxelder Burl Wood Panels

I have always loved the Ruger looks with the wood panels. Well Chad over at makes a quality product and the craftsmanship is absolutely outstanding. I received everything needed in a well protected package to turn this beast into a beauty.

I am hoping to get out tomorrow to shoot a few rounds to check functionality. The 454 Casull in this small package can be a handful depending on your ammunition of choice. The original grips that comes on the Alaskan sports finger grooves which I really don’t care for so it isn’t totally about looks. The only concern I have is the gel pad that comes in the original grips which is there to absorb recoil. I am willing to make that trade off for the beautiful craftsmanship, and losing of the finger grooves.

I am in no way associated with but after seeing his work first hand I felt the need to give him a shout out — or visit him on facebook at?

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  1. Richard says:

    I watched your Video on YouTube shooting moon clips with the cylinder recessed. I approached this from a different angle I had the moon clips machined from 40thousandths to 21 thousandths allowing the cylinder to close and cycle without having to machine the cylinder. It has worked very well thus far.

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