Ruger 4inch 44 Magnum

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This is an older review from 2007. After 2 years I have a difference of opinion about this firearm. I have since found a nice load that it loves and will be updating the review soon.

My First Impressions with a Ruger Firearm
This 44magnum is surely built like a tank, but the 4inch ruger balances well and points very easy and natural, to me it does not feel as heavy as it looks. It is very easy to get your sight alignment and sight picture with this weapon even though the barrel length is only 4inches. The trigger pull is just right for my big hands but seems to be a bit long in DA. Even in SA there is a bit of take up that is longer than any other revolver I have shot. For reference I have been shooting for about 15 years and during this time I have owned and or shot these big bore revolvers of 44magnum and greater, Colt Anaconda44, Raging Bull44, S&W25, S&W629, S&W29, TaurusM44, S&W460, S&W500. The recoil of the Ruger seems to be more of a flip than a straight push back to the palm of your hand like the S&W629 exhibits. I believe this is due to the 4inch barrel on the Ruger vice the 6inch barrel of the S&W629, which adds additional weight out front. The Ruger seems to flip back and torques left but with that being said it is not uncomfortable to shoot. For a 44mag exiting a 4 inch barrel at about 1200fps I was amazed at how quickly I was able to aquire sight alignment and sight picture to return the weapon back on target. Tonight I only put 60 rounds through it as there were a bunch of women on the range and every time I pulled the trigger or went in my lane with this weapon they would stop shooting and watch me. Though I love my big bore revolvers I hate spoiling others time on the range so I shot in between them taking breaks or reloading.

Ammo Used
The local shop where I purchased the firearm threw in two boxes of Magtech JSP 240 grain projectiles. The photo attached to this thread shows the first 5 shots I took. The Ruger seems to shoot high out of the box. Now before you all question the ammo, I reload 44 also and tonight I used 200grain HornadyXTP on top of 16.3gr of BlueDot with large pistol primer and those shot high as well. I had a friend tag along as he had a brand new Kimber 9mm to to break in what a nice 1911 it is, he tried it and thought it shot left and high for him. The distance we were using was 15 yards. And of course there were no malfuctions.

Overall Thoughts
I love this firearm but is it perfect NO! When pulling the trigger as the cylinder spins you can feel a slight clunk in the palm of your hand as it locks up, but it does lock up very tight. I noticed with me it caused a slight jerk of the trigger a few times, this will take some getting used to for me. Though my friend that tagged along said he could feel it and knew what I was talking about it did not bother him one bit. Is this weapon a keeper it sure is and I suspect I will have it a very long time as I do not purchase weapons to resale, I want to keep them for life unless I buy a lemon and knock on wood that has not happened yet. After all these years, for my very first ruger I think I made a good purchase. And note to Ruger you should have had this out years ago!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    It’s ‘versus’ not ‘vice’.

    Great gun. Good write-up. I’d love one of those as a companion to my 7.5″, which gets muzzle-heavy in a hurry when shooting it at the range.

    As for shooting high, maybe Ruger did that on purpose, since it is a 100 yd. cartridge. 😉

    Have you tried 44 Specials through it yet? Maybe they figure in a 4″ gun, most folks would prefer Specials. (I feed mine light Specials in Magnum cases: 185 gr. hard cast flat point bullets from Meister over about 6 grains of HP38. [HP38 is a great all-around powder. Not quite as versatile as Unique, but cleaner])

  2. Shannon says:

    I bought one of the first 5.5 inch Redhawks in .44 that came into Michigan. After a couple years I started think shortly shorter tube would make perfect revolver for my style of hunting, which mirrors my 40 plus year hunting with the recurve bow.

    I had Magnaport Intl. cut down the barrel to 4.5 inches, along with some other nice touches, sometime around 1998 and found that the balance was perfect for me. Since then it has been my main deer hunting weapon and has taken a whitetail just about every year.

    Only drawback was losing the easy replace front sight.

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