RimX Lapua CenterX: New Ransom Rifle Master Series Setup

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The Ultimate Bench Rest Setup

After being away for a few weeks I was able to get back on the range to test a new shooting setup. With so many things going on in life I could not spend as much time with the new setup as I wanted to. Maybe I should not even call it a test and more of a quick overview. The setup 

The Rifle Master and Rifle Master Rear Rest

The Rifle Master series can be as basic or advanced as your shooting needs require. You all have seen the front Rifle Master Rest in many video’s but it was more along the lines of the basic model. For this interaction it has been upgraded with “FINE” windage adjustments.

With the addition of the the windage adjustments I realized this should be a highly considered upgrade for everyone. I wish I would have done this from the very beginning but I digress. This upgrade to me is like upgrading from an Audi A4 typical reliable sedan to an Audi A7 with its advanced technology, refinement and smooth handling. The Rifle Master series is so versatile with it’s quick change adapter plates. I would absolutely recommend starting with this option also. It makes going from a 2inch front end bag to a 3inch front end bag or what ever your preference might be very easy, I am talking minutes.

I understand with inflation and fuel prices making me want to ride my bicycle to work there might be reluctance. If you are still undecided start with the quick change option first and move to the windage adjustment. Had I known what I know now I would have even given up coffee, pop or possible sold some brass to a reloader to have both upgrades.

The Rear Rest

I recently learned of the rear rest and loved what I read about it. Just as versatile as the front rest, built with the same quality casting and capable of supporting rifles up to 50BMG. I thought wow it is sure to meet my needs. On the bench rest I wanted to ring out as much accuracy as I can and rule out any possible mistakes I would make, focusing on getting better at reading the wind. I was truly amazed at the short time it actually took me to get comfortable with this setup.  


The Features:

  • Harmonically-dead, cast gray iron body
  • 3 Base Leveling Screws for precise positioning of the rest
  • 3 Leveling Screw Lock Rings for securing the position of leveling screws
  • Windage Adjustable Bag Plate: approximately 1″ inch total side-to-side adjustment
  • Circular level for leveling the rest
  • Quick change plate & adapter for mounting the windage plate

With the quick change plate I was able to add the windage adjustment plate right on the range in a matter of minutes.

With the windage adjustment of both front and rear I was able to swing the muzzle of the rifle quite a bit from one side of the target to the other. I wanted to see without absolute perfect alignment if it would impact precision of the groups and it did not seem to matter. Even though this was designed with seasoned champion quality 50BMG shooters. Don’t let this fool you my first outing of course was with with 22LR and I plan to leverage this setup with many other calibers. Stay tuned for future longevity updates as I plan to put Ransom Master Series Rest through it’s paces. So far Ransom International in my personal opinion should be considered  first if you are in the market for a professional quality fairly priced rest. 


What I Accomplished Today

I was able to get a good feel of this setup. It did not change my shooting position all that much and it felt very comfortable to me. Needing to get back home to take care of the wife I only spent 75minutes on the range with this setup. This time included installing the windage adjustments. I share this in an effort to show how little time I spent with the setup to turn out what I thought to me some amazing groups in the wind with a brand new setup.  


The biggest difference was frankly getting use to the cold iron cast on my left hand where there use to be a bag. I shot with wookie today more so because I wanted to see how it performed with a 22LR and the rifle setup is equipped with a scope level accessory. I noticed that getting my cheek well set BARELY moved the rifle at all. TALKING about a solid foundation, I can’t wait to get a few other rifles on this thing.

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