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I have to be honest, the CZ P-07 Suppressor Ready pistol I am reviewing here is the first CZ Pistol I have ever owned. In the last 29 years of firearm ownership, having seen hundreds of guns come and go from my collection, somehow I never managed to own a CZ pistol. Over a decade ago I shot a CZ-75 a number of times and recall quite enjoying it. I even contemplated buying one, especially when they were floating around for about $300 in the early 2000s, but it just never happened.

Lately, when it comes to pistol buying, I find myself gravitating toward hosts for my pistol suppressors. Having already bought many threaded barrels for my various 9mm and 45acp pistols, as of late I find myself attracted to the pistols that come from the factory with a threaded barrel and tall suppressor night sights. It saves me the hassle of having to buy a threaded barrel and replace the regular sights with tall sights. Sometimes the ?suppressor ready? pistol from the factory is a limited edition or special model that gets some extra features or different colors schemes. When I saw the well-reviewed CZ P-07 was being offered by CZ as a Suppressor Ready model with a great looking Urban Gray frame, I was very much interested. When I saw I could pick one up for a little over $500, I was sold! Having recently purchased an FN FNX 45 Tactical, a suppressor ready model from FN, for more than twice the price of the CZ P-07, the CZ even seemed like a real bargain.

Yesterday I got an email notification from USPS telling me my P-07 was just delivered to my local gunshop/range. I grabbed three 50 round boxes of 124gr American Eagle Suppressor Ammo, my AAC TiRant9 and threw it all in my range bag. Ten minutes later I was at the counter at my local gun store with the CZ in my hands. It was actually the first time I handled a P-07. After handling the pistol it was clear that the fit and finish is on par with any of the polymer high cap 9mm pistols from the other major manufacturers in a similar price range. Fit and Finish being a constant, the other variables that will tell me how impressed I am with this pistol, are the trigger, recoil, ease of follow-up shots, accuracy, how well it points and my ability to shoot it well. I will need to put some rounds downrange to collect my thoughts on these key points.

Back at the counter at my LGS, I put my CZ in the hard plastic case it came in which included an extra magazine, two other sized backstraps, a manual, two regular floorplates for the magazines (which leave the factory with Plus 2 floorplates and hold 17 rounds), a cleaning brush and a cable lock. I grabbed my range bag and headed to lane 12.


I generally do not love DA/SA pistols. I much prefer having the same consistent trigger pull for each round fired. This is especially true for guns I actually carry. As a result I have spent my training time with striker fired guns and an FN Five seven (which, contrary to popular belief, is not a striker fired pistol, but a single action). In the end, being comfortable with any trigger system comes down to training. In all honesty, if I found a DA/SA that I really loved, I would invest the time to become proficient enough with it to carry it. Which would mean training to be comfortable with the DA first shot and the transition to SA follow up shots.

Putting aside for the moment that the P-07 has the wrong trigger system for me, the question remains, how is the trigger? The answer is, not bad. The DA pull is somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 ? 14 pounds. It is fairly smooth and builds resistance through the stroke. After a little practice, it is fairly easy to anticipate when it is going to break. It breaks pretty cleanly. The SA pull is cleaner and lighter than a Glock factory trigger. My P-07?s SA trigger has a little creep before it breaks, but not the spongy feel of the Glock trigger.

The reset on the P-07 is excellent, it is short and the trigger gives you clear audible and physical feedback when it resets. Overall the trigger is pretty good and is more than acceptable for a factory unit. I also suspect after a few hundred rounds the trigger will break in nicely.


Let?s not forget the P-07 shares many design elements found on CZ?s legendary CZ-75, which is known for its excellent ergonomics and natural pointing design. The P-07 is no different. The grip of the P-07 feels like it was made to fit my hand. When I pick it up and close my eyes, raise the pistol, and open my eyes, I am invariably looking at perfectly aligned iron sights. This polymer-framed variant of the CZ-75 is one of the most naturally pointing pistols out there. When I raise one of my Glocks with my eyes closed, if I don?t remember to tip the front down slightly, I am aiming high on my target or above it all together.

The P-07 is a bit heavier than many of its compact siblings. My Suppressor Ready model weighs 28.4 ozs with an empty mag inserted. My Glock 19 with an aftermarket threaded barrel, tall sights, and a Trijicon RMR mounted on it weighs in at 24.4 ozs. It is a noticeably lighter than the P-07. What really blows my mind is that my FN Five seven, fully loaded with 21 rounds, weighs just 28 ozs! That?s less than the unloaded P-07! No wonder why I love to carry my Five seveN. The Elite Ammunition 5.7 T6B ammo it is loaded with, that leaves the muzzle at 2400 fps, may also have something to do with that though.

A little extra weight on a carry gun isn?t always a bad thing. The extra weight of the CZ P-07 and its low bore axis grip make a noticeable difference with recoil. My Gen 4 Glock 19 is not a heavy recoiling gun to begin with, but the CZ is even milder. That means easy and more accurate follow-up shots.

This is the first group I fired right out of the box. All groups are 10 rounds and were fired at 10 yards offhand both suppressed and unsuppressed.

Here is the second group I fired. Shooting nice groups with this gun is pretty effortless. Because of its mild recoil, excellent ergonomics, and impressive accuracy, it is just and easy gun to shoot well.

I also screwed on my AAC 9mm TiRant and shot some groups. Below is my first 10 round 10 yard group with the suppressor. This gun is a dream to shoot suppressed. The suppressor does a great job mitigating recoil and blast. The gun barely moves when fired. There is no excuse to not shoot tiny groups when the suppressor is employed.

I also could not detect any shift in point of impact when the suppressor was being used. The bullets seemed to hit exactly where the sights were pointed, just as it does without the suppressor attached.


This is really a great gun for me. The size and weight are just right. The gun fits my hand better than most pistols and it points so naturally. I shoot this gun well and I love shooting it; especially as this model was intended to be shot?suppressed.

The fit and finish are excellent. With its Urban Gray frame, the P-07 has nice aesthetics and, in my opinion, looks great. The gun feels absolutely rock solid, and is shake and rattle free. The slide rails being internal to the frame, no doubt attribute to its tight and solid feel. A brand new Glock is definitely looser feeling than the P-07.

With an MSRP of $539 and street price just over $500, the CZ is also an amazing value! For the price of a new plain Jane Glock 19, you can get a CZ P-07 with tall night sights and a threaded barrel with a thread protector. Buying a threaded barrel, tall night sights and a thread protector for your Glock 19 will set you back another $300+ buy the time the parts arrive at your door. If you have to pay someone to install the sights, add another $50. The P-07 Suppressor Ready is simply an outstanding value.

I should also mention that in the 150 rounds I have fired so far, there was not a single hiccup or problem. The gun ran flawlessly. The whole notion of breaking in pistols and expecting malfunctions has never been acceptable to me. If I buy a gun and it malfunctions, it is gone immediately.

I just ordered a holster and a couple of extra mags. That means I plan on adding it to my carry rotation. But not until I train more with the DA/SA trigger. Currently my Glock 19 fills my compact carry role. My Glock 19 is now going to be competing for hip time when I need to put on a compact pistol.

I give the CZ P-07 Suppressor Ready a lot of credit, and it deserves it. It is a truly an excellent package with an impressive pedigree. For the price, there is really no competition. I would pay $200 more than the current MSRP and not think twice about it.

The post above was from my experience last Saturday when I picked up my P-07. I just have not had a chance to write it up until now.

I went back to the range today to shoot my Glock 19 (threaded barrel, tall sights, and RMR) and P-07 side by side. I have been shooting a G19 on and off for the last 15 years, while the CZ is brand new to me.

I simply prefer shooting the P-07. I am really impressed with this gun. The CZ points better, tames recoil a little better, and the SA trigger is a little better. Most importantly it is easy for me to shoot it quickly and accurately. This P-07 just makes my job as a shooter much easier. Other than the awkward transition form SA to DA, I give the P-07 very high marks in all the important areas. There is not much left for me to do other than hold the gun still and pull the trigger.

Here is the very first group I shot today. I pulled it out and put the suppressor right on it. 10 rounds at 10 yards offhand with AE 124gr Suppressor Ammo.

No need to show any more groups. That’s what they all look like. With a suppressor, without a suppressor. It doesn’t matter. The CZ P-07 is just an accurate gun that is very easy to shoot well. This little CZ is getting me to start thinking about the handguns I buy, shoot, and carry. I normally carry an FN Five seveN (which I shoot extremely well too), a Glock 19 when I need to go smaller, and a S&W Shield when I need to go really small. I shoot the P-07 so well and so effortlessly I don’t see how I can consider carrying anything else. I also obviously need to by more CZs! I will probably pick up a P-10 in FDE, and maybe a suppressor ready P-10 as well once they are available 🙂

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    Sir, just curious where you got the thread protectors for the barrel.

  2. Dagan those protectors are provided by

  3. Bob Smith says:

    I have a P-07 and really like it. I came here hoping to find out whether a threaded barrel is available without having to re-buy the pistol. What do you think?


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