Reloading 357 Magnum On The Lee Classic Turret Press

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4 Hole Lee Classic Turret Press

Hi all I am Mr.Revolverguy and I am a reload-a-holic. In my previous video you watched me load 6.5 Creedmoor on a single stage press, which is how I do all of my rifle rounds. In this video I use a Lee Classic Turret press to load up some 357 Magnum. Having an affection for revolvers I tend to shoot a bit more of the 357 which requires a press with a little more throughput.

Stay tuned up next is 38 special on a fully progressive press.


Correction I mention I have had this press for 18 years. I was looking at the wrong receipt; this press I purchased in 2008 so it is 10 years old.


One of the better qualities is low cost caliber conversions with this press. Those calibers where you want to load a couple hundred rounds with minimal fuss with minimal investment this press is the one for you. A progressive press can add up quickly in a caliber conversion before you add in dies.

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