Range Report: Glock 29 10mm

| May 29, 2009 | 23 Comments

I will start of by repeating the very first words that escaped my lips after firing the first round…”Whoa momma!”

Those two words pretty much sum up my first impressions with this firearm, but I will still bore you with the details.

FORM: What can I say, it is a Glock and it looks like a Glock. It is not as ugly as it could be since I do find the sub-compact guns to be attractive in a minimalist kind of way. They are almost elegant in their simplicity and that does appeal to a certain part of me. Not in the same way a stainless 1911 would appeal to me but it is appealing all the same.

FEATURES: Once again, it is a Glock. They are not know for additional do-dads or bells and whistles. It is listed as a sub-compact but it is in actuality a bit larger than the standard subs so it does have the addition of a rail…which is nice for a light or laster (which is something I may actually put on this gun since it is not a carry gun).

I did add a pearce extension the the grip for added pinky room.

FIT: As with looks, this is a category in which I feel the sub-compacts surpass the full sized pistols. The tolerances just seem tighter and the fit seems better. All-in-all it is a pretty well put together gun but Glock will never win a “tightest gun” award.

FUNCTION: In this category, saying “it is a Glock” is a very good thing. It certainly lived up to the Glock reputation of reliability and toughness.

I was shooting steel targets with it at 25-30 yards and the gun did very well. Shooting off hand I was hitting about 70% of the time on the 8″ steel pivots. Which shows the gun is capable of doing it as long as I do my part. At closer range (10 yards) on stationary targets I could get small (abut 3-4″) groups easily.

Double taps and quick follow ups were no problem. The gun pointed very well in my hand and seemed to naturally find it’s way back on center.

One thing I will have to point out about this gun is the POWER. You really felt like you were shooting something that could do some damage. It would really swing the steel pivots around (they barely move with 9mm). The recoil was not bad either. It definitely felt more powerful than a .40S&W but felt more manageable too. The recoil was more like shooting a revolver round. It had a booming push instead of a cracking snap (if that makes any sense). Yet even with all that power the thick grip made the gun stable and easy to control. It was even comfortable one handed…although I would not want to shoot it that way all day.

FLAWS: I hate to cop out here, but I really cannot find any flaws. The gun is a point and shoot marvel. The platform and caliber mesh perfectly. It is not the perfect gun, but it is perfectly designed to be what it is and do what it does.

FINAL IMPRESSION: Buy this gun! I do not care if you like Glocks or not. If you like a powerful, affordable, and easy to use gun that is a blast to shoot, then buy this gun. It is worth every penny and you will not be sorry. Even the range officers that do not like Glocks loved shooting this gun today. They were amazed by it and it’s performance and feel.

It was nice to be so happy with a new gun after my disappointment with my Redhawk last weekend. I wish I had been as happy with all the guns I shot today.

Author: Playboypeguin over at the firingline wrote and authorized the posting of this content.

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23 Comments on "Range Report: Glock 29 10mm"

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  1. Robert says:

    I am considering purchasing this weapon as my first gun I have shot before but has been along time. I am about 255lbs. Do you think the recoil would be tough for me to handle?

  2. admin says:

    The recoil on the Glock 29 10MM is not all that bad. In my hands I believe the Glock 29 has less recoil or snap to it than that of the fullsize Glock 22 which is 40S&W caliber.

  3. glenn hamilton says:

    Robert for you to even ask that you should shoot a .22

  4. I love mine!

    I bought a G29 for my CCW needs mostly because I used to carry a G32 and decided that I needed some added power of a hunting side arm for predator protection.

    Being that I am a huge .357 SIG fan and love the flat shooting stopping power of it, I will say say this 10mm is my new favorite round!

    Ballistics are amazing, and on the range it won me over with a few tests I shot it through some telephone books in water bags with denim jeans over them. I also put several rounds into various 4×4 studs of douglas fir and a few railroad ties. I had to get some actual tests for my own satisfaction of what this round wound actually do, so I didn’t stop there. I went ahead and put many rounds through some Elk bones and simulated sinew, meat, tissues, etc. by using ziplock freezer bags filled with water and soaking the paper of phone books inside. I then placed denim jeans over the freezer bags of water and paper to simulate tough hide and put a layer of cow hide leather strips over the outside of that.

    The 10mm not only impressed me greatly with it’s ability and performances; but made me a believer of it’s capability against any predator I may come across on my journey in the outdoors. All I gotta say is you can talk ballistics and numbers till the cows come home. I’m more of a believer of what I can see and practicality when it comes to tests.

    As an advid outdoors lover, I am a bowhunter, fisherman, hiker, and all around outdoor enthusiest that has several young kids that I take with me on my adventures. It’s only become since this fact that I’ve recently decided that I have the need to carry something a little larger then the G32 I’ve always been accustomed to for so many years.

    Don’t get me wrong… I love my G32, and I’m a fan of the round. I will always love it. However… the 10mm is now my new best friend. It’s proven it to me on the range with several of my own unorthodoxed range tests, and it’s proven itself to me for the all around Glock accuracy and dependability I’m so used to.

    I know there are Glock haters out there, and there are those who love to talk ballistics and numbers and all about other things that really don’t make much sense to me. Frankly I get bored quickly when I start reading discussions about this number or that ballistic test. I rather go shoot something with my own firearm and say, “See? I just put a round clean through that there _____” So you can say I’m not much of a numbers guy or believe all that much in what ballistics prove. I’m more of a practical kind of person that likes to take my firearms out to the range and blast it through things to see just how far I can sink the pill into different objects of materials, and what I can blow to smitherings. To me… that’s the REAL proof of a firearms capability. Believe what you want to all those that say a 10mm is not enough gun to stop a Grizz. Truth is, if any Grizzly or Brown Bears out there want you dead, they will make sure to maul you good and dead before they know they’ve been fatally injured. If the day ever comes that I need to defend myself against anything nature can throw at me… including man; I have confidence in my Glock’s ability to step up to the challenge. And this 10mm has gotta be one of the best darn rounds there is.

    If you don’t own a Glock 29 or 20 by now…
    GET ONE!!!

  5. jdchristian says:

    I’ve had a G20 for 4 years now and love it. Shoots smooth and always reliable and a confidence builder when out hunting in the Northeast mountains of Washington state…where there is every predator from cat to griz. I’m getting the sub compact 10 to replace my Kahr P40 (which I also love and hate to give up, but my wife) well you know the rest of the story.

  6. LTCRET says:

    I own both the G20 and 29. I have owned over 50 firearms in my nearly 60 years. I like Glocks but I love the 10mm round. I buy all my ammo for it through DoubleTapAmmo.com. With the 135 nosler it has 767 ft/lb and 1600fps. When you compare this to the .45acp, 9mm, .40S&W, the only thing more powerful is the .44magnum cartridge. The magizines are interchangable between the G20 15 rounds and the G29 10 rounds. I carry the 10 round but keep a 15 nearby. To me this is the perfect weapon, round, price, and reliability. Apparently the FBI wanted the G20 but the grip was too large for some women, so they setteled on the .40S&W. It is a shame thay cannot have either. They are not pretty but they certainly get the job done. If fit with armor piercing ammo, I am sure it would disable a car or truck motor.

  7. Disappointed says:

    Question: I currently own a Glock 30 (.45 ACP) and like it very much. The reviews of the Glock 29 are very impressive, so I need to ask whether the Glock 29 sufficiently better than the Glock 30 to justify buying it as a replacement?

  8. PlayboyPenguin says:

    Disappointed, that question is pretty much impossible to answer. The 10mm does have more potential than a .45acp but is that potential worth it to you. Do you shoot the 10mm as well as the .45acp you currently own? Do you find the 10mm an easy to handle round? Can you find enough 10mm to practice with in your location?

    if I amswered your question based solely on my own opinion I would say “Yes, it is worth replacing the G30.” I have owned both and the G29 is the superior firearm IMHO.

  9. Fred Richards says:

    Hi Playboy Penquin…

    I agree with you on Glocks and believe them to be truly excellent pistols from both engineering and manufacturing perspectives. For this reason, I find myself soewhat baflled by your comment that you consider the 29 to be the “superior firearm” as compared to the 30. Specifically, and from a design standpoint, both pistols are virtually identical with the only real difference being in the choice of caliber. I can see your preference for the 10mm vs. the 45ACP as it most definitely is a superior and more “modern” cartridge but to say the 29 is a superior firearm than the 30 really doesn’t make any sense. I have a 27, a 29 and a 30 and find them all to be excellent firearms. The difference then is in the cartridges and their respective ballistic characteristics. But that’s just my opinion.


    The Long Ranger

  10. Alex says:

    I just got my G29 and i love it so much! i’m a small frame 135 lbs 5foot3 guy and i shot that beastly10mm rounds with easy , i love glocks this is my 2nd glock i traded my G26 for my G29 , take it from me people buy this gun asap!

  11. RainBarrel says:

    I generally use a Glock 30sf for CCW.

    My concern for getting a 29 is the ability to put follow-up shots on target. I guess it really isn’t the pistol, but the round, I would think that Glock is probably the best delivery system for the round…

    Anyone have thoughts on that? I would reckon that it would cost a good amount, given the cost of 10mm, to get to this point…Maybe not…

  12. Larry says:

    I already regret what I am going to say but it needs said. I am by no means a great shot, worst in my family on moving game, but I was raised hunting squirrel with a 38 auto in West Virginia from age 5. My glock 29 will shoot 15 rounds at 10 yards into one hole. It is just the way it was made from glock. That is slow fire with my wrist rested. I throw away any ammo that will not shoot a group the size of a quarter at 25 yards. Not that all my groups are that small but 3 out of every five shots should touch if the gun and the ammo are good. If you buy a good pistol and fix it to shoot straight then practice with it you should be able to shoot a four inch group at 25 yards from the hip with fast draw and rapid fire. With the glock 29 I suspect you have a loose screw behind the slide with shooting like your range report. I am not trying to be a wise guy but you need to ask someone for help as you seem to enjoy shooting and the more ofter you hit the more fun it is. Sincerely, Larry

  13. Daniel Haughney says:

    If you cannot shoot this weapon, you have a problem. My fiance and her Dad both shot it with good accuracy and they are little people(4ft-4ft-2in) When she took her CCW class they had them shoot 22’s, when she fired the pistols they supplied, she said “what the fuck is this, threw it down and said, I shoot a 10mm!” Enough said.

  14. slingin lead says:

    Ive owned quite a few pistols in my day in just about every caliber there is, still love rugers and still have my sp101 357 mag, which is my 2nd fav now, im in the outdoors alot and instead of the sp101, now its the g29 thats with me always. 10mm f’in rules. Its the do it all caliber. Peace.

  15. steve says:

    I have both the 29 and the 20 sf. I love them both. the 29 continues to suprise me as I shoot it about the same (accuracy) as the 20. I was shooting at 125 yards the other day an I suprised myself. I to am a hunter/outdoorsman/CCW and the 10 mm is very adaptaple to so many applications.
    Having owned a G22,G26 still own the 20sfThe 29 is my favorite.
    I handload 180 gr HP at 1250 fps (from the 20)so the price is not really a factor except brass is not easy to find for cheap. I bought 500 rounds of brass and it will last a long time.
    Great Gun!!!

  16. Brian says:

    Why did you say this wasn’t a carry pistol?

  17. Damian says:

    I own the 20sf and the 29. The 20 is my outdoors carry home defense and handgun hunting rig. The 29 is one of 2 of my everyday carries. The glock 29 just makes sense to me. The 10mm is more than adequate for human and animal threats up to a cougar. Not to mention the gun is surprisingly concealable for a glock. The 29 is hands down my favorite ccw handgun.

  18. jack tanner says:

    Exactly, it makes perfect sense to me as well, i mean, where i live you can end up in wrong turn ville quite easily, and me and the ol lady did a year or so ago, a house with abandoned cars in the yard no lie, just like the movie, & strange folk up in them parts, so havin the glock 29 with me was alot better. A 45 and 9mm feel really small once you get out in booneville, trust me, take the 357 mag, 44 mag n if you like semi auto, take the 10

  19. RenoEagle says:

    I like the hitting power of the 10m round and the increased mag load (in the G20 magazine), so I have both the G20 and the G29. I bought the G29 because I love shooting my G30, which up until I got the G29, was the most fun gun to shoot. I also have a G21, so I guess that my answer to the question of G29 or G30 is to have both if you can afford it.

  20. Lane says:

    I can’t think of any other handgun that will do so many tasks so well as the Glock 29 – every day concealed carry, home defense, open carry, target shooting, woods and trail defense against predators two-legged or four, hunting or targets of opportunity – the G29 will rise to the occasion, whatever you may ask of it. The versatility of this combination cannot be overstated.

  21. IB Strokin says:

    One thing I’ve noticed is that no one mentions the obvious consequences of using this as a defense weapon, and that is collateral damage. One reason a lot of people use .45 ACP is because it isn’t likely to pass through a target and take out bystanders. A hot 10mm round could possibly pass through 2 humans before slowing down. I’ll admit the 10mm is a nice round, but I enjoy the peace of mind knowing my rounds will be retrieved by the coroner – from only the bad guy. Remember, in a court of law, you will be held accountable for every round that you fire, whether it hits the intended target or not.

  22. Lane says:

    @IB Strokin – Over penetration and collateral damage is certainly an important consideration, but bullet construction is far more at issue than the name stamped on the cartridge that launches it. There are loads available for the .45 ACP that would be expected to over penetrate, and some for the 10mm Auto that would not. That’s the beauty of the 10mm – there are such a variety of loads available for it that will accomplish so many different tasks very well.

  23. george farr says:

    Glocks as long as I remember I hated them, I am 1911 guy always . For a reason I purchased a glock 32 .357 sig and life changing thing happened I fell in love with it became my dc. I gave up my 1911’s the gunshoots great accurate powerfull all what needed. Lately I came to test the 10mm glock 29 what a difference for me it was the perfect fit I shot from buffalo bor to doub, e tap to even lighter ammo without any hick ups I did change the fecoil to tungsten steel rod 21lbs a big difference noticed if you are not a recoil sensetive and a wimp wrist go get a real man hadgun ( the glock 29 )

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