Range Report: Classic 1959 Colt Cobra

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I’m really a fan of the Colt D frame revolvers. I own quite a few of them and althou I quit carrying my newest Cobra (a 1972) last year in favor of a J frame Smith, however I still love to get the Colts out of the safe and to the range every now and then.

Today I brought out my 1959 Cobra. This is a great shooting revolver that I aquired from an “old guy” a couple of years ago. He traded into it, so I don’t know anything about it other than it appears to have been someones carry gun for a long time. It’s got typical holster wear but has been well cared for in it’s life and the lock up is as tight as a drum. It’s got a great traditional DA Colt trigger that stacks a little bit right as the bolt locks the cyl in place.

I try to keep the round count low on it and I never shoot anything very hot out of it. Today I put 25 rounds of Winchester 130gr FMJ “White Box” through it. All rounds were fired double action at a distance of 10yrds.

It’s very light on the muzzle and with the addition of a Tyler T grip it points very naturally for me. Recoil is subjective but to me even with 130gr target loads it has a bit of muzzle flip on firing… Nothing horrid but enough to let you know the lead is flying down range. Accuracy as you can see, is more than adequate at the kind of ranges this weapon was intended to be utilized. The group measures just over 2 1/4″ (counting the flyer).

This IS the orginal GAT. A real peice of history that made an appearance in almost every classic movie of the 1950’s (as well as real life). Everytime I take it to the range I get a reminder as to why they were so popular back in the day. It’s a shame Colt discontinued their DA revolver line, but at least they made a few real gems before it ended. I am proud to have this one.

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