Range Day with the KimberK6S Revolver

| March 11, 2017 | 3 Comments

Eleven months after my wife convinced me to visit the Kimber booth at the 2016 NRA show, I am finally on the range with their Kimber K6s revolver. The CCW world has been void of a 6 shot capacity revolver for a very long time. The last 6 shot CCW revolver was the Colt Detective Special which was discontinued around about 1995 and no one else has attempted this since. Today I fired 75 rounds of ammunition 38spl and 357Magnum through this revolver without any malfunctions. All groups were shot at 20 yards from a sand bag rest and both with 38 and 357 groups were consistent of 3 to 5 inches.

The KimberK6S 4 main features are a concealed carry revolver with 6 shots, adjustable sights, a completely dehorned revolver and the smoothest trigger I have felt on a CCW revolver.

The recoil of the Kimber K6S was actually very manageable. The 6 shot cylinder sports 6 recessed chambers along with flat sides instead of flutes, it has serrated black sights with the rear adjustable for windage. The trigger on the K6S is so smooth I would have thought it was half the trigger weight advertised. My RCBS trigger guage confirmed 8 1/2 pound double action pull. Kimber also changed the cylinder release, instead of the normal forward-sliding cylinder release, the K6s? is a push button similar to the magazine release on a semi-auto pistol. Kimber also went non traditional on the cylinder, instead of flutes it features flats.

Caliber .357 Magnum
Barrel Length 2?
Overall Length 6.62?
Height 4.46?
Width 1.39?
Weight (unloaded)
1.44 lbs (23 oz)
Sights black pinned front, black dovetail rear
Action double action only
Ammo Capacity 6
Advertised trigger pull weight 9.5-10.5 lbs

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3 Comments on "Range Day with the KimberK6S Revolver"

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  1. Bill U says:

    WOW .. “I want one” Enjoyed the video! The K6 is a very modern looking revolver .. I like the compare and contrast between 38 and 357 in that platform.

    Thanks for a well done eval!

  2. Malcolm Smith says:

    Good Morning Day At The Range!
    First I would like to say I really like your you tube channel and I want to say Thank You for your Service to this Fine Country, I myself is Retired Army, but Maybe you can Help me out on this Dilemma I have on a couple of revolvers. The revolvers are the Kimber K6s, Ruger SP101 2.25″ barrel, and the Taurus 617. I am a avid shooter but not necessarily with revolvers, I’ve shot a couple before but haven’t actually owned or edc any. But I’m converting over to the revolver and I will train on them to perfect my carrying ability. But back to the dilemma of choosing between revolvers that I have my eye on. 1st, the K6s, I have found a used one comes with a kimber leather holster for $725, I have watched your you tube video’s on the K6s and what caught my eye is the trigger plus the sleekness of the gun, now the 2nd choice is the Ruger SP101 either the 2.25″ or the 3″ barrel the cost $605 brand new out of box just the gun no other accessory, now I know we discussed these 2 guns on you tube and you said to hold out for the Kimber because it had a better/smoother trigger, which I can understand. Now the 3rd, what’s your thoughts on the Taurus 617, which brand new $500 just gun no accessories, it is a 6shot and I know the K6s is 6 shot, the Ruger 5 shot. What I look for in a gun is reliability, dependability, good customer service and cost. But cost is kind of low, it’s based on the gun and what is included with the gun, which I know brand new guns out of the box will have it’s standard boxed stuff minus holster etc etc. and you’ll have to search for the right holster for the gun owb or iwb and that could run the cost up also. Sorry for a so long comment or question! But I’m looking at it this way, if I buy the Ruger $605 then I’d have to find a good holster which say the most I spend is $69+ shipping which the total plus gun would be around $685, same with the Taurus but it’s cost gun and holster would be a little less maybe close $600! But the guy with the K6s that I’ve been looking at $725 that includes gun, holster and box of ammo. So that’s my delimma

  3. “What I look for in a gun is reliability, dependability, good customer service and cost. ”

    Based on the comment above I would rank them Kimber K6s, Ruger Sp101, Taurus. But to be fair for Taurus I have never shot the 617 but I can say through experience their customers service has not been the best for me, but lately since getting a new CEO I hear they are getting better. To me the key is never having to use customer service in the first place. Everyone I know complains about locks on a revolver Taurus is the first revolver where the lock broke and caused me troubles. Customer service I would rate Ruger, Kimber, Taurus and I have used all of their customer service before, though Taurus is the only one I have ever had to return a revolver, Kimber and Ruger were for other things and I was taken care of by both.

    Hope this helps.

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