Product Review Follow UP: CTS Trimmer Part2

| December 31, 2013 | 3 Comments

First and foremost I am not great at making videos, this is only the third one I have made. Hopefully the quality is good enough to answer the questions I am being asked about brass shavings. As time goes on hopefully I will get better and incorporate more videos into the reviews on this site.

Upon posting the initial review I received a number of questions about the containment of brass shavings and if contained how would you empty them out. In this short video the shavings in the bottom of the container is about 40 cases worth of 308 shavings. The brass shavings are contained by a very thick polycarbonate plate that totally encompasses the trimmer preventing shavings from being thrown all over your shop floor. There are also three holes in the top, by placing a shop vac over one of the holes and covering the other two will make short work of emptying out your trimmer.

Hopefully this picture and short video will clearly demonstrate what I am talking about and answer the questions pertaining to the brass shavings



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