Product Review Follow Up: CTS Gen2 Trimmer Part 3

| January 4, 2014 | 1 Comments

This is part 3 of the series of videos and possibly the final of the initial review series. I say initial because I plan to keep very detailed records on the number of trimmings of each caliber run through this trimmer and report back.

As with the second video this idea was brought about by questions via email and private messages I have received from the inquisitive readers that have seen the first two videos. This is by no means a scientific experiment meant to provide an unquestionable answer. It is meant to help those with concerns or questions about noise discern the difference between the two tools I had running on the reloading bench during the first review/video while bringing about a little more clarity to the actual noise level of the CTS Gen2 Trimmer.

During this video on display is my old IPhone with a decibel meter on it. Again not meant to be scientific I know the IPhone is no where near capable of providing a true DB reading, but I believe it does assist in giving us an idea of the noise level of both devices. One other thing to keep in mind is that anything on or attached to the bench will only reverberate the noise or hum given off from these devices and there are 3 presses attached to this reloading bench at the time this test was conducted, but all loose items were removed.

DB Meter reading: Baseline when absolutely quiet in the shop — 50DB

CTS Gen2 Peak Meter Reading — 78DB
CTS Gen2 Average Meter Reading — 75DB
CTS Gen2 Average Noise Level — 25DB

Hornady Trio Peak Meter Reading — 91DB
Hornady Trio Average Meter Reading — 88DB
Hornady Trio Average Noise Level — 38DB

Now for the Video

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  1. Chris says:

    I purchased a cts trimmer and case prep after reading a review by mrrevolverguy. I couldn’t be happier, the trimmer is awesome, it has cut down my trim time from hours to minutes but more then that it has taken one of the least enjoyable steps in reloading and turned it into something I look forward to doing. The cts trimmer is fantastic. The case prep station is also very good and well worth the investment.

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