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In 1978 Col. Cooper teamed with Thomas Dornaus and Michael Dixon to bring about the 10MM Auto. Thomas Dornaus and Michael Dixon developed the Bren Ten semiautomatic pistol first known in ?.40 Super which would eventually evolve into Col. Cooper’s 10mm Auto. While I have always been a fan of the 10mm Auto, I didn’t turn into a true fanatic of the round until I started to reload for it.?The 10mm Auto is one of the most underappreciated of the modern cartridges, though it does have a cult like following. For those that are familiar with the 10MM Auto appreciates its versatility as a self defense, hunting and range cartridge. This versatility is delivered through a wide range of bullet weights and power levels. I believe the 10MM?Auto will only become more popular over time. Since the introduction of the Colt Delta Elite in 1987 and the popular TV show Miami vice. I accredit these two for resurrecting the 10MM Auto from it’s grave after being decommissioned by the FBI. More modern day pistols continue to be developed by S&W, Glock, EAA, Colt, Dan Wesson and Para Ordinance. Being very familiar with the S&W 610 Revolver capable of firing the 10MM Auto and 40S&W cartridges you could only imagine the excitement at the opportunity to review a 10MM Auto 1911.

Today I am here to take a closer look at the Para Ordinance LS Hunter 10MM Auto Pistol.




The pistol arrived packed very nicely all snug in it’s green Para plastic case.


Unfortunately the excitement did not last very long. Upon removal from the box I noticed the slide was a little difficult to rack. I thought possibly it was just a tight pistol but after arriving at the range. I discovered that after every shot I had to push the slide forward as it would not go fully into battery. I decided to call Para and customer support was top notch. Para support viewed this video

and right away sent me a slide stop. Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. I ended up boxing everything back up in it’s original packaging and sending it back. Though disappointed I couldn’t have been happier with Para’s support truly a top notch organization. Eventually the Para was fixed returned to me and to my surprise with a little something extra for my troubles.



I received two additional magazines yet again proving Para is very committed to customer service and it’s customers satisfaction.

Table Top Review:

The Elite LS Hunter is a well built 1911 platform which comes out of the box with a 6″ match-grade ramped barrel, full length steel guide rod, #21 pound flatwire spring, VZ Operator G-10 grips providing great grip and very pleasing to the eye, the magazine well is also slightly beveled to ease magazine insertion.

A rail is also featured for accessories like lights and lasers.


I really like the rear adjustable target sight paired with its green fiber optic front post. They were easy to see and allows you to dial in your loads on the range for a little target shooting fun.



The frame and slide are stainless steel finished in Para’s special Ionbond PVD finish. The slide sports a flared ejection port, the frame has a ambidextrous safety and?standard beavertail grip safety.


The EGW HD extractor combined with the smooth yet light operating flat wire spring ejected hot brass up to 10 to 15 yards away. This highlighted one of the reasons why I loved revolvers so much — no chasing brass. With the original spring not only did the brass have distance upon ejection, the landing area was eradict. Some of the brass would be way in front of the firing line, some behind the firing line and some out to the right of me depending upon the manufacturer and load. It was really like a scavenger hunt looking for 10MM Auto brass on the range though the pistol performed flawlessly. Happy with the pistols performance I knew immediately I had to do something about this. A little research and speaking with the good folks on the Para USA forum over at specifically Mr. Bud White. I decided to swap out the flat spring with a Wolff Extra Power #20pound recoil and firing pin spring which requires and extra long plug made by STI.

In the original setup you can see the flat recoil spring is not compressed and evenly matched making for extra smooth operation.


Interesting enough the Wolff recoil spring was a tad shorter again the need for the STI plug but the original firing pin spring was longer than the aftermarket Wolff, I did proceed with changing both. After changing both the skeletonized trigger still broke at 3 1/2 to 4 pounds according to my RCBS trigger guage.


The after market recoil spring looks a little cramped/bunched together but on the range it performed flawlessly with 150 rounds of varied ammunition. And the empty cases were ejecting 3 to 6 feet away. I could actually find all brass within the same area. Though I should admit it was a little tougher to rack the slide with the after market Wolff recoil spring — again very little additional effort was needed. This was a welcome change and was worth the reward of time savings in finding all my brass.


Range Day Visit:

As you can see accompanying me to the range was a wide variety of ammunition including some of my reloads. I also brought along my ProChronograph. All groups were shot from 25 yards sitting resting my elbows on the bench. I had intended to bring along my pistol rest but unfortunately I left home without it. I still felt confident this would allow me to truly test the accuracy of the Para and the power of the 10MM Auto.



Of the bunch the 10MM Auto 200gr Blazer shot the best group and was the smoothest/softest in the recoil department. The Corbon 165gr ammunition seemed to have the most bark, in the audible department as well as recoil.

Now for the versatility and power display of the 10MM Auto. Though the chart below is subjective and was built utilizing the well known formula for calculating energy it provides you with a visual into the 10MM Auto’s versatility.

400 ftlbs 450 ftlbs 500 ftlbs 550 ftlbs 600 ftlbs 650 ftlbs 700 ftlbs 750 ftlbs
135gns 1,155 fps 1,225 fps 1,292 fps 1,355 fps 1,415 fps 1,473 fps 1,528 fps 1,582 fps
150gns 1,096 fps 1,162 fps 1,225 fps 1,285 fps 1,342 fps 1,397 fps 1,450 fps 1,501 fps
155gns 1,078 fps 1,144 fps 1,205 fps 1,264 fps 1,320 fps 1,374 fps 1,426 fps 1,476 fps
165gns 1,045 fps 1,108 fps 1,168 fps 1,225 fps 1,275 fps 1,330 fps 1,382 fps 1,431 fps
170gns 1,029 fps 1,092 fps 1,151 fps 1,207 fps 1,261 fps 1,312 fps 1,362 fps 1,410 fps
175gns 1,015 fps 1,076 fps 1,134 fps 1,190 fps 1,243 fps 1,293 fps 1,342 fps 1,389 fps
180gns 1,000 fps 1,061 fps 1,119 fps 1,173 fps 1,225 fps 1,275 fps 1,323 fps 1,370 fps
190gns 974 fps 1,033 fps 1,089 fps 1,142 fps 1,192 fps 1,241 fps 1,288 fps 1,333 fps
200gns 949 fps 1,007 fps 1,061 fps 1,113 fps 1,160 fps 1,210 fps 1,256 fps 1,300 fps
220gns 905 fps 960 fps 1,012 fps 1,061 fps 1,108 fps 1,154 fps 1,197 fps 1,239 fps


And here is how each load performed across the chronograph.

? ? ? 10MM Data Recording ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Pistol Barrel Length Ammunition – Powder-Manual COAL Bullet Weight Bullet Type Velocity FPS Average Velocity FPS ES SD Energy Level Based on AVG
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ Federal Hydra SHOK 1.25 180gr JHP 1 Shot = 1060 1055 15 6 FBI Lite 450ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1064 Hi
3 Shot = 1051
4 Shot = 1054
5 Shot = 1049 Low
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ COR BON 1.235 135gr JHP 1 Shot = 1446 1437 28 11 Full Power 618ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1441
3 Shot = 1433
4 Shot = 1419 Lo
5 Shot = 1447 Hi
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ COR BON 1.243 165gr JHP 1 Shot = 1277 Low 1279 8 3 Full Power 599ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1277
3 Shot = 1278
4 Shot = 1282
5 Shot = 1285 Hi
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ Blazer 1.247 200gr FP 1 Shot = 1077 1085 28 11 Medium Load 522ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1072 Low
3 Shot = 1100 HI
4 Shot = 1086
5 Shot = 1090
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ PMC Bronze 1.252 200gr FP 1 Shot = 1065 1065 15 5 Medium Load 503ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1070
3 Shot = 1064
4 Shot = 1056 Low
5 Shot = 1071 Hi
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ ARMSCOR USA 1.245 180HR FP 1 Shot = 1003 1020 41 19 FBI Lite 415ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1041 Hi
3 Shot = 1039
4 Shot = 1000 Low
5 Shot = 1017
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ BlueDot -11.4gr- Nosler #7 1.245 135gr JHP 1 Shot = 1320 Low 1401 138 51 Medium Load 588ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1458 Hi
3 Shot = 1430
4 Shot = 1399
5 Shot = 1399
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ AA#9 -11.3gr-Accurate Powder Manual 1.255 200gr Lead FP 1 Shot = 1201 1207 17 7 Full Power 646ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1199 Low
3 Shot = 1206
4 Shot = 1214
5 Shot = 1216 Hi
Para Elite Hunter 1911 6″ Power Pistol -8.0gr-Lyman #49 Manual 1.252 175gr Lead SWC 1 Shot = 1230 Hi 1221 18 8 Medium Load 579ft/lbs
2 Shot = 1212 Low
3 Shot = 1225
4 Shot = 1213
5 Shot = 1227


This review took a lot longer than I would have expected due to some of the original difficulties experienced with this pistol and my frame of mind. ?I had mixed feelings about this review, it was disappointing having to return the pistol yet customer service was outstanding which made it hard to write about this experience possibly casting a negative light on Para. I then realized the positive engagement with Para’s customer service really out-shined everything else which is what you would hope for if something does go wrong. I also want my readers to see that no matter what I am committed to providing unbiased reviews. Overall the Para Elite LS Hunter is a fine pistol in a versatile powerful package.

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  1. George Chlebowski says:

    Very nice review. As I diehard .41 Mag shooter I’ve always liked the 10mm in autos.

  2. For what it’s worth, Miami Vice had just completed its final season by the time the FBI announced the selection of the mid-velocity 10mm load. An interesting bit of trivia is that the FBI’s initial 10mm ammunition testing was performed with Special Agent John Hall’s personally owned Colt Delta Elite. At the time, Hall was Unit Chief of the Bureau’s Firearms Training Unit.

  3. Trevor says:

    My takeaway is: Para 10mm didn’t work, right out of the box, like several other Paras I’ve seen. Delightful.

    Good to hear they made it right – not like they had a choice – but you can’t shoot paper, hogs or assailants with “Top notch customer support”. That requires a pistol that works.

  4. MCQUADE says:

    I was fortunate enough to receive my Para LS Hunter last Nov. and it has been flawless. I have kept mine entirely stock. Yes, the trigger is “gritty” out of the box and could use a little work and it does sling brass 25 ft. but at my backyard range I just park my pickup accordingly and catch the brass in it’s bed. I stopped counting after 4,000 hot rounds through it (mostly Underwood), no hiccups. Accuracy is fantastic with the Storm Lake barrel that Para uses. A truly fine 10mm firearm for fans of the cartridge and a very capable tool for hunting.

  5. greg shotwel jr says:

    i absolutely love my para 10mm it out shoots my delta elite hands down almost 2000 rounds and not one problem!

  6. Jim Beach says:

    Had my Para Elite LS Hunter for a month or so. Been working a lot so have only been able to put a couple of hundred rounds through it. So far it has functioned flawlessly. I am very pleased with this pistol and would recommend it to anyone looking for a 10MM to hunt with.

  7. Wallace Hutchins says:

    I’ve had my Para 10 for a few months now with several hundred trouble free rounds through it to date. The trigger does have some grit and probably will get some smith attention in the near future, but accuracy is superb with soft loads through the hot stuff from Buffalo Bore and Underwood. The extra inch really adds to its stability. Anything larger than a bottle cap offers little challenge to hit offhand. My only complaint is a full mag will not seat with the slide closed (no 9+1 for me).

  8. Joe amik says:

    Had my Para 10mm for several months now and has been flawless and fun to shoot. Yes, the trigger is sluggish but other than that, I love my 10mm.

  9. Jeff says:

    Wow. I have never seen a review for a gun that failed out of the box and had to be sent back, but still scored 9.5 out of 10. Glad they fixed it, but I disagree with not docking them for shipping a non-functioning gun to begin with.

  10. Jeff,

    The rating is for the review and content not the pistol. I think the readers may be rewarding Dayattherange for an honest review.

  11. J Amik says:

    I have 2 Hunter LS Elites. Both have performed flawlessly out of the box. I have one in black ion bond and one in FDE coating. Love the 10mm.

  12. cold shooter says:

    I bought my 1911 10 mm Elite LS Hunter when my shooting buddy bought his. I loved the gun immediately. I installed a short trigger to make reach more easy.
    I was shocked to learn, in short order, that Para had been bought by Remington. Fearing that the Rem boys would drop the 10 mm making future parts purchases or customer service non existant. Now, I rejoice that Remington will have interchangeble parts available. It appears to my old eyes that the model which Remington is currently offering is identicle to my pistol. Great news for us owners. One disappointment, you will likely need to buy a new holster as the rail makes most 1911 holsters non usable.

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